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Published: 13 june 2013 18:03

Abusive Lithuanian MP may avoid prosecution for domestic violence if he reconciles with wife

Egidijus Vareikis
Juliaus Kalinsko / 15min nuotr. / Egidijus Vareikis

Lithuania's Prosecutor General Darius Valys is asking the country's parliament to lift the legal immunity of MP Egidijus Vareikis, suspected of domestic violence, but does not discount the possibility that the pre-trial investigation against the politician might be dropped.

"I think that we should not talk about punishment yet, as there's a possibility of reconciliation between the victim and the suspect, which would provide a basis for dropping the charges. It's too early to talk about the end of the pre-trial investigation," Valys told journalists on Thursday.

If Vareikis reconciles with his wife, the prosecutor in charge of the pre-trial investigation would decide whether to drop the investigation.

Vareikis himself had asked the Seimas to lift his legal immunity. However, under the parliament's statute, an MP cannot be prosecuted, arrested or have his freedom restricted without a sanction from the Seimas.

Vilnius prosecutors are investigating an incident when Vareikis, a member of the opposition Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats, is suspected to have caused physical pain or minor bodily harm, which are punishable by public work, restriction of freedom, arrest, or up to one year in prison.

According to preliminary information available to the police, Vareikis allegedly slapped his wife on the face twice in his home on the outskirts of Vilnius on May 4.

At least 71 Seimas members have to vote in favor of lifting legal immunity of an MP.

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