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Published: 23 august 2012 11:17

Cemetery of Holocaust victims vandalized in Vilkaviškis

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A cemetery of the Holocaust victims has been vandalized in Vilkaviškis, southwestern Lithuania.

The elder of Vilkaviškis called the police on Wednesday and said the cemetery had been vandalized. According to the police, officers found swastikas and a Nazi inscription on a memorial monument.

Rolandas Gylys, chief of Vilkaviškis District Police Commissariat, told BNS the inscription and swastikas were discovered by a cemetery worker. The police launched an investigation and soon detained a local resident, 14. He admitted that he vandalized the cemetery on Sunday.

The boy cannot be prosecuted due to age limitations. Now his parents face punishment for failure to properly exercise their parental powers.

The monument should be cleaned shortly.

Around 7,000 Jewish residents of Vilkaviškis, killed between 1941 and 1944, are buried in the cemetery.

Naujienų agentūros BNS informaciją atgaminti visuomenės informavimo priemonėse bei interneto tinklalapiuose be raštiško UAB „BNS“ sutikimo draudžiama.

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