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Published: 9 march 2012 10:28

Drink-driving suspect from Russian embassy hit a bus

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Andriaus Vaitkevičiaus / 15min nuotr. / Avarijos vietoje

For one female employee of the Russian embassy in Vilnius, the 8 March had an unpleasant finale. Around 11 PM, her car hit a bus. The driver is suspected to have been intoxicated with alcohol.

The accident occurred in Vilnius, Baltupys street. A Volkswagen Jetta drove into an opposite traffic lane and hit a bus. The Volkswagen driver was later identified as Eleonora Tabituyeva, employee of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The car she drove is registered with the Russian Federation Trade Agency in Lithuania.

The bus driver Tadaušas Kozlovskis tells that he saw a car rapidly approaching the bus head-on and he could not prevent the collision. The bus had one passenger who was not harmed in the accident.

“I saw it driving right into me. I slammed on the brakes and flashed lights. But the car driver didn't react. I pulled over and she hit me right away,” Kozlovkis says.

When the police came, the Volkswagen driver introduced herself as employee of a foreign embassy, but later refused to talk to officers. She got back into her car. License plates revealed it belonged to the Russian embassy.

The driver refused medical assistance, even though the impact was rather strong. During the hit, the car battery detached from the car and was lying on the street. The car's windcreen was cracked, as if being hit by someone's head.

The police suspects that woman might have been intoxicated. Diplomatic immunity, however, prevents the officers from testing her for alcohol.

A little later, another car with diplomatic plates came to the site and a man helped the woman into his car. She had obvious difficulty walking the distance.

VIDEO: Automobilis diplomatiniais numeriais Vilniuje taranavo autobusą

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