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Published: 10 june 2013 11:26

Half of Lithuanians favor legalizing prostitution

Prostitutė ir transvestitas laukia klientų.
AFP/Scanpix nuotr. / Prostitution
ALmost fifty percent of people in Lithuania are in favor of legalizing prostitution, while the other half are against, according to a survey published by news website

The results show that 48 percent of those surveyed believe prostitution should be legalized in Lithuania, with 22.4 percent saying that it should be done for prostitutes to be protected by law and feel safe, and 25.6 percent saying that this way the state would collect more taxes.

The other half – 48.9 percent – are against the legalization of prostitution. 26.7 percent of those surveyed say it should not be done because prostitution is immoral and cannot be a legal business, and 22.2 percent believe the legalization of prostitution would lead to an increase in the activity.

The majority of people (43.5 percent) believe the most prostitutes choose this activity of their own free will. 36.9 percent believe the women have no choice and are forced into the trade by circumstances, and 17.4 percent say they are lured into prostitution and are exploited.

Asked who should be punished in case of prostitution, 42.7 percent said all participants of the activity, including pimps, prostitutes, and their clients. 19.1 percent believe only pimps should be punished, 9.5 percent said prostitutes and pimps, 6.6 percent pointed to clients and pimps, 4.7 percent said only prostitutes should be punished, 2.6 percent chose prostitutes and clients, and 1.5 percent said only clients should receive punishment. Another 11.3 percent believe no one should be punished.

28.3 percent of people surveyed said fines for prostitution should stand up to 5,000 litas (EUR 1,445) and should be way higher than existing fines for prostitutes and their clients, ranging from 300 to 1,000 litas or 30 days of arrest.

1,008 people, aged 18-75, took part in the survey by public opinion and market research company Spinter Tyrimai for on April 16-26.

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