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Published: 26 november 2012 17:11

Julius Veselka's quotes

Julius Veselka
BFL nuotr. / Julius Veselka

Julius Veselka, the Lithuanian MP who unexpectedly passed away on Monday, was most famous - or infamous - for his sharp and sometimes ill-considered public remarks. Below is a sample of his quotes that Veselka, member of the Order and Justice Party, treated reporters with during his political career.

On idiots

"What are you saying? Look at him lecturing me! One's own capital is practically always cheaper, since otherwise you have to pay interest and all that. What are you saying? Get the f**k out of here. Where do they find these idiots, who start scribbling nonsense and annoying people." A response to Vice-Minister of the Economy Adomas Ąžuolas Audickas during a discussion in the parliamentary Committee on Economy on calculating asset return in state-owned company Vilniaus Energija.

On oligarchs

"The central problem is that the world is not run by governments anymore but rather by financial oligarchs. As it gets difficult to predict exchange rate fluctuations even for the strongest currencies, they have invented electronic money. I see a global problem here and I must tell you this: Be cautious about it. Electronic bills are just the beginning in the process of centralizing all the world's money in someone's hands - i.e., a step taken by the globalists in their quest of turning our currency into worthless pieces of paper and taking over our state for good."

On debtors

"We have a saying: A debt is not a wound, it won't heal. To my mind, the state must educate responsible people. So that they judge their own behavior first. Whereas today, we know only too well how to borrow, but when it comes to paying back, there's no money left. You won't fool bankers. When bankers see that there will always be those who can borrow and will not have to pay back, they will raise the price for credits, beef up their service, and will impede the issuing of loans." Veselka thus expressed his opinion on the law of private bankruptcy.

On pegging minimum wages to inflation

"You are adding up to increasing inflation, unemployment, bankruptcies. Work contracts should decide that (salary) and not all the do-gooders assembled here (i.e., members of parliament)."

On children in politics

"We will end up in a situation where the Seimas (parliament) and the state are like a kindergarten. We will end up in a situation where, if you know how to sing well, you can rule the country. Ruling, however, requires two things: education and experience. (…) Learn how to live, you brats. (…) What kind of experience are we talking about in a 23-year-old? Let's not turn our state into a place where people come to learn and experiment. (…) There must be experience, education, practice." Veselka was very opinionated on the issue of allowing people over 23 to be elected to the Seimas.

On women and career

"We should make a law that a woman can only work on her career after she's given birth to two kids."

On women in power

"What the devil failed to do, a woman will."

"In Seimas, there are no seductresses, only lady politicians. I leave the Seimas and my heart blossoms. The streets are full of seductresses."

On aliens

"In general, I believe that our Earth is alive and it sometimes goes about and cleans our mess."

On manly odors

"A real man must smell like sweat."

On celebrations in the Seimas

"There was no drinking, no alcohol - we were only praying!"

On public works

"Look at that, there are no more branches on trees left. They will start peeling bark in order to keep these public works going. What is that? Practically, it's the same thing as labour camps where a citizen is given soup so he can work. It does not solve any problems, just temporarily feeds someone with soup."

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