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Land ownership restoration to move forward in Vilnius region

Šalčininkų ugniagesiai
Andriaus Vaitkevičiaus / 15min nuotr. / Šalčininkų ugniagesiai
Šaltinis: BNS

Lithuania's government said on Tuesday that over 5,000 decisions on land restoration in Vilnius region, called by the local Polish community one of the most important issues, are to be made this year.

"According to the National Land Service, all in all, 430 people are awaiting decisions in Šalčininkai District, eastern Lithuania. Over 5,000 decisions are planned in Vilnius District this year," the government said in a statement following a meeting of representatives of the Prime Minister's Office, National Land Service as well as Vilnius District and Šalčininkai District Municipalities.

The meeting was rated positively by Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius who appreciated the municipalities' good faith and constructive wish to solve one of the most burning issues in Vilnius region.

The government said that the land ownership restoration process in Šalčininkai District, where almost 98 percent of land has been returned to owners, will be finished this year, and there are plans to end the process in Vilnius region, where around 90 percent of land ownership has been restored, in 2013.

Slow land ownership restoration is one of the problems causing tensions with the Polish community in Vilnius region.

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