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Lithuania's Special Archives to publish KGB files

KGB bylos
Kęstučio Vanago/BFL nuotr. / KGB files
Šaltinis: BNS

KGB documents, including a list of former agents of the Soviet security committee, have been handed to the Lithuania's Special Archives by the State Security Department and may be published in the coming months.

"The materials newly received by the archives will be published in accordance to our procedure after an investigation – first of all we should thoroughly check and eliminate the ones who have admitted and undergone lustration, as well as those whose cases have not been published yet. It is still hard to say when the new documents could be published, but I think it will take one or two months until we are able to release the materials," Birutė Burauskaitė, director of the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center, told BNS.

Last week, Arvydas Anušauskas, chairman of the Lithuanian parliament's National Security and Defense Committee, said that a list of 1,700 former  KGB  agents and 62 agent cards, except for those who admitted their  KGB  past, will be published shortly, along with other documents of the former Soviet security committee.

The publishing became possible after the State Security Department handed over the documents to Lithuania's Special Archives, Anušauskas said.

"We can now make the announcement that the State Security Department has transferred the important historic documents. This was done after lustration tasks and publication of information on residents who collaborated with the  KGB  was entrusted to the Genocide and Resistance Research Center," Anušauskas, member of the ruling conservatives, said in a press release.

In his words, the majority of this information will soon be available on the website www.kgbveikla.lt.

Last month, the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center published a detailed list of former  KGB  officers containing 238 names.

Personal cases of some former reserve officers were also available online, including scanned cases of former director of the State Security Department, Arvydas Pocius, former foreign minister Antanas Valionis and a few judges.

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