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Lithuanian state security chief: Foreign intelligence mostly interested in Lithuania's energy sector

Gediminas Grina
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Gediminas Grina
Šaltinis: BNS

Foreign intelligence services are mostly interested in Lithuania's energy sector, Gediminas Grina, director of Lithuania's State Security Department (SSD), says.

In an interview published in the September issue of IQ magazine, the SSD chief says that foreign intelligence services are also trying to be actively engaged in Lithuania's information space by using the so-called "soft power."

"We can name two main issues. First, our energy infrastructure and related business projects. Other businesses with links to foreign countries are interested in their progress and implementation," Grina has said when asked what foreign intelligence services are interested in most.

"The other issue is the information space. Every larger state would like neighboring countries to at least respect its interests. They, therefore, work with the public via the media and not necessarily directly. In this case the "soft power" measures are used. Our neighbors and other larger countries do that. The question is to what extent we are resistant to such impact," Grina said, adding that opportunities for online spying in Lithuania are "almost perfect."

"Taking into account the existing technologies and the fact that Lithuania is in a very specific geographical position, technical opportunities to do that are almost perfect. I cannot comment on the extent to which we experience it but everyone should know that almost everything you upload online can be downloaded, calculated and archived," he said.

Referring specifically to the recording of phone conversations, Grina has said that technologically it is almost impossible to prevent that.

"To neutralize (wiretapping – BNS) is almost impossible. On the other hand, we are constantly engaged in preventive work in the area of protection of classified information. Regular training sessions, both collective and in some cases individual, take place at institutions where they work with classified information," the SSD head says.

Naujienų agentūros BNS informaciją atgaminti visuomenės informavimo priemonėse bei interneto tinklalapiuose be raštiško UAB „BNS“ sutikimo draudžiama.
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