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Published: 6 december 2012 15:33

Lithuanians split on what to do next with nuclear project

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Aliaus Koroliovo nuotr. / Visagino AE mobilusis informacinis centras

Lithuanians are split on a follow-up to the non-binding referendum which saw the majority of voters turn down the initiative to build a new nuclear power plant in the country, a representative poll carried out by RAIT pollster for BNS has shown.

Some 28.5 percent of the Lithuanians believe that the final decision on the construction of the nuclear facility should be taken by politicians and no more referenda should be held on this issue.

A similar share, or 28.1 percent, believes that a binding referendum should be held in several years’ time, and 18.9 percent say that referenda on this issue should also be held by Latvia and Estonia, which intend to participate in this project.

Some 16 percent of the polled did not answer this question.

The opinion that referenda should also be held by Latvia and Estonia had the biggest support in the age group of 45-54 years (27.8 pct), as well as in the group of people with a monthly income of more than 1,100 litas (EUR 318.84) per household member (25.7 pct), among residents of towns with population of more than 180,000 (25.1 pct), as well as among white-collar workers (31.9 pct).

RAIT polled 1,020 people aged between 15 and 74 years between 7 ad 18 November.

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