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Research centre to publish journal of Lithuania's KGB agent archives

„Reuters“/„Scanpix“ nuotr. / KGB
Šaltinis: BNS

A Lithuanian website plans to release a registration journal of archival cases of KGB agents, the Genocide and Resistance Research Center has announced.

According to a press release, the journal opened in 1987 contains data about 1,669 agents, informers, and other secret KGB collaborators who had been recruited in various periods between 1940 and 1979. The data includes information on an agent, alias, year of recruitment, recruitment division, and number of archival case.

The principle and purpose of the journal is unknown, the center said. A more thorough examination of additional archival and other sources about the persons specified in the list has revealed that some of the recruited individuals never worked as agents. The belief is that they agreed to collaborate with the Soviet state security committee in an effort to escape chekists, it is also probable that some of them were included in the list for operational or discrediting purposes.

The Genocide and Resistance Research Center said the Soviet security sometimes consciously disseminated information about a person's alleged KGB collaboration, while the practice as more common in the period of armed resistance.

The registration journal data will be published on the website www.kgbveikla.lt in parts, with under 20 names being released every two weeks. According to the press release, this is because the list is thoroughly examined to establish circumstances and specific collaboration of every individual on the list.

Naujienų agentūros BNS informaciją atgaminti visuomenės informavimo priemonėse bei interneto tinklalapiuose be raštiško UAB „BNS“ sutikimo draudžiama.
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