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Russian bomber spotted above Baltic sea

Bombonešis „Tu-22M“
„Reuters“/„Scanpix“ nuotr. / Bomber „Tu-22M“
Šaltinis: 15min

Friday morning, a Russian supersonic bomber Tu-22M was spotted above the Baltic sea, Latvian news portal tvnet.lv reports. The bomber was spotted flying above neutral waters. NATO base in Lithuania sent a fighter to identify the aircraft.

Latvia's Minister of Defence Artis Pabriks comments that efforts are being made to get information on military training manoeuvres that Russia has been carrying out in between Poland and the Baltic states.

"If we do not get information about the concrete objectives of the training, the Latvian population might get an impression that there is a connection between Russia's strategic training and the referendum in Latvia," the Minister said.

On 18 February, Latvia is holding a referendum on making Russian the second state language.

Mr Pabriks adds that Latvia's diplomats are working to find out as much as possible about the military training.

Lithuania's Ministry of National Defence has confirmed that two NATO fighters policing Lithuania's air space took off Friday morning to identify and accompany two Russian TU-22M aircrafts.

The Ministry had been informed about the Russian bombers' route above Baltic sea waters.

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