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Published: 2 january 2013 17:54

Several villages flooded in west Lithuania

Patvinęs Nemuno žemupys ties Pagėgiais
R.Žalgevičiaus nuotr. / Flood in Pagėgiai

Unexpected rise in water level in the river Nemunas flooded several villages in Pagėgiai municipality, western Lithuania, this week.

Local authorities said on Wednesday that residents of the flooded areas had already requested assistance.

"Food problems were reported today – everyone was ready for the holidays and probably consumed everything they had. The flood was unexpected, and people were not ready, they have already asked for bread and other groceries. Elders will make lists and the requested products will be delivered or maybe we will take them shopping," Vaidas Bendaravičius, director of Pagėgiai municipality administration, told BNS.

The flooding of the villages started on Monday, a few families have already asked to be moved out of their homes.

In Bendaravičius' words, the main trouble for the municipality's top officials is usually caused by fishermen and tourists interested in floodings rather than the local residents who are used to the phenomenon.

On Wednesday, the municipality's officials decided not to declare an emergency situation in the area, as the water levels have started to subside.

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