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Published: 16 october 2019 16:22

I. Genytė-Pikčienė. A hundred days of the president – solely tax tariff increases won’t solve problems

Indrė Genytė-Pikčienė
Josvydo Elinsko / 15min nuotr. / Indrė Genytė-Pikčienė

They say that only after the first one hundred days can you really begin to be more critical of a president’s decisions, choices and behavior. A hundred days is the limit for when the warmup ends, the scoreboard lights up and the real match starts. And so, the limit has been reached and the lot is cast!

The president is consistently adhering to the “welfare state” leitmotif. So far, this idea of a “welfare state” is based on two pillars – increased redistribution and reduction of income inequality. The concept leaves numerous questions for most and a long term action plan has not been released, only proposals associated with next year’s budget. It is namely the long term strategic plan from the Presidential Palace that is greatly needed. Today, there is lack of clarity already in both macroeconomics and the political environment.

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