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Published: 30 september 2019 13:26

Matas Baltrukevičius. The Freedom Party's fortunes will also depend on the commemorative plaque

Matas Baltrukevičius
Vygaudo Juozaičio nuotr. / Matas Baltrukevičius

When the Freedom Party (LP) was founded this summer, it reminded of events 13 years ago. Back then, unable to tolerate Artūras Zuokas' Rubicon scandal, a number of well known Liberal and Centre Union members left the party to create the Liberal Movement (LRLS), a far more successful party than its predecessor, which eventually lost its purpose.

At first, there appeared to be many premises for why the story might repeat. After a corruption scandal, the Liberal Movement still managed to enter parliament, however the relative success was constantly stained by internal disagreements. It is clear that many long time party leaders no longer believe in the future of their political power. In the municipal elections, an entire three mayors, who once belonged to the party, were re-elected, but as independents: Remigijus Šimašius, Vytautas Grubliauskas and Algis Kašėta. Vitalijus Gailius, once viewed as one of the most realistic candidates to save the Liberals, withdrew from national politics to municipal, while Arūnas Gelūnas left Seimas for the post of Lithuanian Arts Museum director. Three LRLS MPs, Ričardas Juška, Jonas Varkalys and Juozas Baublys often get along better with Ramūnas Karbauskis than their fellow party members.

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