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Published: 11 june 2013 16:16

Milda Žalgevičiūtė: Queer People Should Get Married and Have Kids and You Should Shut Up

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AFP/„Scanpix“ nuotr. / The first same-sex marriage in France

And again, this is something I’m prepared to figuratively bite peoples’ heads off for, so beware if you don’t agree and get into discussing this with me.

Let’s start by stating two simple facts. One, I am straight. Two, notice how there isn’t a word “allowed” in my title? That’s for a reason. I’ll explain both points I’ve made: while I don’t feel the need to underline that I’m not queer, I have just because we need more straight people out here who actually have enough empathy and common sense to support the queers (I am not saying LGBT community here, because as I’m aware, there’s been more and more letters added to that, and that’s really weird and long and “queer” is pretty simple: everybody who’s not straight, etc. you get the point. Voilà).

I mean I am not even going to explain why counterarguments are not legit, because that’s been said and done countless times.

Let’s get back to the absence of the word “allowed”. This is actually so incomprehensible to me that I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh at it at this point. I mean, since when consenting adults should be allowed to do most basic human stuff? Like maybe we should start allowing people live together? Or allowing people love each other? It’s crap and it’s creepy. If a person who loves another person wants to get married to that person, and v.v., they should get married. Not should be allowed to get married. Trust me, they don’t care if you allow them their basic human rights. Sure it’s nice, but it’s not a flippin’ gift or a prize.

I mean I am not even going to explain why counterarguments are not legit, because that’s been said and done countless times.

Also, queer people do not care about your feelings when they want to get married or have kids. Same as you wouldn’t care what some random person thinks about the same thing. Yeah, they’ll care if you confront them, they’ll care if you’re their family, but if you’re against it, they’re going to get over it eventually.

And you’re going to lose a person you love because you’re being stubborn and can’t get over your tight shut mind. Of course, this applies to you only if you have a loved person who’s queer, but if you don’t, you will at some point – because now people are actually coming out. Which is good and it’s not weird and if it creeps you out it’s you who’s creepy, because why would love creep out any sane person? Okay? Okay.

So instead of judging, remind yourself that nobody cares. What you should do, is actually try and open your mind. This world needs more love and you can give some, so why shouldn’t you?

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