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Published: 24 september 2019 11:31

Remembrance of Litvaks’ genocide: every time let’s think, what hides behind the numbers

Menora vienoje iš Niujorko sinagogų
„Scanpix“/„Picture-Alliance“ nuotr. / Menorah

September 23 is the Remembrance Day for Jewish Victims of Genocide in Lithuania. On this day in 1943, Vilnius Jewish Ghetto was liquidated. Behind this fact, however, hides the extraordinarily complicated and tragic history of Lithuanian Jews (Litvaks), unthinkably painful and tragic personal fates of Jews and their families. In Lithuania, out of approximately 208 thousands of Jews were killed roughly 195-196 thousands. Every year, while commemorating the important dates for Litvaks, every time let’s think very well, what hides behind these numbers.

We can be glad, that we speak and talk about the Litvaks’ tragedy here in Lithuania, also their uniquely rich history and priceless input into Lithuanian history, economy and culture more and more.

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