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Published: 7 october 2019 12:37

A. Kriščiūnas' message to environmental sceptics: we will go extinct as thousands of species have done before us

Algis Kriščiūnas' art on an LP Express terminal
Lietuvos Paštas / Algis Kriščiūnas' art on an LP Express terminal

After fierce speeches made by sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg about the fate of the Earth if we continue to abuse it, the world has split into two sides – those who believe in the possibility of changing something and those who doubt a possible ecological disaster. Lietuvos paštas, together with several well-known artists, will try to draw the public eye to this topic through art. On LP EXPRESS parcel terminal in Vilnius, at Savanorių pr. 31, a visual message from renowned artist and photographer Algis Kriščiūnas was created, reminding us of our necessary friendship with nature.

“We came here thousands of years ago, receiving the world as a gift, so we thought everything was ours. We created the myth that everything is for us; animals, trees, mountains and oceans should all serve the people. But even if this myth is true, we were bad masters: the forests are gone, the animals are gone, and clouds of bitter smoke are rising up to the sky from concrete cities. And even where we are absent – like in the far north, or deep on the ocean floor – it is becoming increasingly difficult for others to survive. Do we care about that? Do we care that polar bears will go extinct and entire colonies of birds will disappear? Not at all, unless we are temporarily saddened by documentaries. But when we turn around, we continue with our "urgent" work again, and let the world sort itself out. And it will sort everything out, just without us. We will be extinct as thousands of species have gone extinct before us, and Nature has not even noticed that – their place was immediately taken by others, and the planet kept on spinning. It is not the world that needs us, but us that needs her, so let us be more modest and restrained, so that our children still have some space here,” acclaimed artist Kriščiūnas says.

This is not the first LP EXPRESS parcel terminal that focuses on climate change in the language of art. In early September, a painting created by Akvilė Magicdust was “laid” on the terminal in Klaipėda, with two more artists' works coming out in Kaunas and Vilnius this October.

Good news for environmentalists: in the terminals decorated with the artists' works in Klaipėda and Vilnius, you will be able to win cloth shopping bags with the works of these artists printed on them. Gifts will be available in randomly selected parcel terminal boxes and will be constantly updated. At present, bags can be won at the Klaipėda terminal at H. Manto st. 11 and at the Vilnius terminal at Savanorių pr. 31. Bags will be donated from 7 October, and the promotion will take place for 3 weeks.

Self-service parcel terminals were not chosen randomly as the platform for this message. Calculations made by Lietuvos paštas show that installing LP EXPRESS parcel terminals saves more than 3.3 million kilometres driven by couriers each year, which translates into 380 tons of fuel and 665 tons of CO2-free air.

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