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Published: 26 march 2020 17:02

DFDS intensifies coronavirus combatting measures on ferries: reducing number of passenger seats, halted alcohol sales

DFDS keltas „Patria“
15min skaitytojo nuotr. / DFDS „Patria“

In response to the circumstances revolving around the spread of the coronavirus and the increased influx of those returning to Lithuania, one of the largest ferry operators, DFDS is further tightening internal security measures.

The ferries in question will have reduced numbers of passenger seats sold; alcohol sales are terminated. In certain ships, the order is maintained by increased security detail.

“Currently, our team is working at full capacity to provide opportunities for Lithuanians to return to Lithuania. Our most important goal is to ensure the safety of our passengers, crew members and truck drivers. Hence, we have further tightened our already strict security measures,” DFDS Seaways public relations and communications head for the Baltic States Vaidas Klumbys said.

From now on, ferries to Lithuania will no longer have individual sleeping bunks sold – passengers will have to purchase a whole cabin. Already before, DFDS limited the number of individual seated tickets to ensure a safe distance between travellers.

The bars, restaurants, stores and recreation spaces on the ferries have been shut down. Entry into stores is limited. At the beginning of this week, it was decided to also no longer sell alcohol to those taking a ferry to Lithuania. Food is only offered to passengers as a takeaway; several sets are provided.

While passenger movement in open-air spaces (the ferry’s deck) is not restricted, particular attention must be placed here on hygiene requirements. Hand disinfection dispensers are easily accessible for all passengers; the most frequently touched surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Crew members work with protective equipment on.

“The same security measures are in place on ships as on the shore. We note that there are increasing numbers of individuals who seek to spend their entire journey in their cabin. If an individual falls ill during the journey, we have capacities to isolate them,” V. Klumbys specifies.

In order to avoid potential risks, an increased security detail maintains order in individual ships.

Ferries from Kiel (Germany) and Karlshamn (Sweden) are travelling to Lithuania under their usual schedule. They carry cargo and passengers travelling on necessary journeys. During the first week of the countrywide quarantine declared in Lithuania, more than 4 thousand passengers returned to the country by ferries.


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