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Published: 31 july 2020 09:31

Eurovaistinė offers 19 guides on how to spend a healthy summer in Lithuania

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Lithuania’s main pharmacy network Eurovaistinė, together with the country’s tourism information centres, has prepared 19 guides on how to spend a healthy summer. Chairwoman of the Company’s board, Ingrida Damulienė says that this is a gift to Lithuania’s residents.

“The project Healthy Summer helps people to discover new places, which are not only memorable but also enrich your health. We combined the knowledge of professional pharmacists and that of city experts. Currently there are already nineteen original guides for individual Lithuanian cities. From Lazdijai, Vilkaviškis, Radviliškis and Kelmė to Nida, Palanga, Utena and Kėdainiai. With specialists talking ever more about an approaching second wave of the coronavirus, it is important that we spend summer not only enjoyably, but also in a way that benefits our health,” Ingrida Damulienė says.

Representatives from Lithuanian tourism information centres say that they have observed this year that there are not only more people travelling around Lithuania but also more seeking nature and authenticity – not only entertainment but also health benefits.

Ignalina tourism centre director Marija Garejeva says that this year, tourists are often inquiring in particular about where they can find previously unseen footpaths. Now, on visiting a tourist office, they rarely ask about restaurants and shopping centres. People are more interested in where they can sample the produce of local farmers and other such delicacies,” states M. Garejeva, observing the main trends.

Lazdijai tourism centre director Mantas Sabaliauskas noted that this year he has noticed that there is reduced demand for luxury and convenience. Those travelling around Lithuania are choosing to spend nights in tents, are seeking more nature and are less selective, no longer searching out major comforts.

Raminta Milašiūtė, tourism manager at the Samogitia-based Plungė tourism information centre, says that this year they are welcoming more local tourists. “More local tourists have appeared who want to see not only the most famous and notable locations but also undiscovered, overlooked places,” the Plungė tourism information centre representative stated.

Aurelijus Balčiūnas, tourism manager for the Kaišiadorys tourism and business information centre, notes that this year, more inquiries are made about opportunities for travelling by bicycle or on foot and travelling on organised hikes. “This summer is truly unique, we have noted more interest taken in Lithuania. People are travelling more, taking an interest in lesser-known or previously unseen places and the Kaišiadorys area is no exception,” A. Balčiūnas says.

The tourism information centre representatives discover that this year, there is also more interest in tasting healthy and authentic foods, things that people might be unable to find while living in large cities. “In Dzūkija, everyone wants to taste loaves made from potatoes from the local farm, taste teas which are made from herbs collected in the local region or dried via ancient methods. This tendency is very visible and people take a great interest in it,” the director of the Lazdijai tourism information centre says.

All the Healthy Summer guides can be found here, at tourism information centres and Eurovaistinė pharmacies. These guides are already available for: Alytus, Ignalina, Jonava, Joniškis, Jurbarkas, Kaišiadorys, Kelmė, Kėdainiai, Lazdijai, Marijampolė, Nida, Palanga, Plungė, Radviliškis, Šiauliai region, Šiauliai, Tauragė, Utena and Vilkaviškis.


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