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Hair Removal with Alexandrite Laser – Forget About Waxing

Hair Removal with Alexandrite Laser – Forget About Waxing
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Most people remove unwanted hair to make their skin look more beautiful, but they don’t always achieve the desired effect. Sometimes, after hair removal procedures, the skin looks bumpy and irritated for a few days. Why does this happen with traditional hair removal methods and how to avoid it?

Hair removal with an Alexandrite laser is one of the most effective long-term solutions in the fight against unwanted hair. Also, it saves time in your daily routine, because you don’t have to shave or pluck your hair every morning, and prevents rashes caused by traditional types of hair removal, so the softness of your skin will not be compromised and it will not need any special moisturisers.

Laser hair removal is unique in its technological capabilities: a laser is a medical device that emits light of a certain frequency that acts precisely on its target – it destroys the hair follicle and the surrounding cells needed for the hair to regrow. At Era Esthetic, hair removal is performed with the most powerful Alexandrite lasers Candela Medical GentleLase Pro and GentleMax Pro. We have a long experience of over 12 years in Lithuania in removing hair with the Alexandrite laser; therefore, we can ensure safe and effective procedures with long-term results. The GentleMax Pro laser combines two state-of-the-art systems – the GentleLase Pro and the GentleYag Pro for hair removal for all skin and hair types, making it possible to remove all types of unwanted hair.

What are the disadvantages and dangers of traditional hair removal methods?

Laser hair removal is the most effective and comfortable method, while other methods are less effective, do not prevent hair regrowth and cause discomfort. Waxing, shaving or using electric epilators causes many inconveniences, such as increased skin sensitivity, rashes, redness and itching. The hair grows back very quickly, which can lead to bacterial infections, scarring and dark spots.

These disadvantages are also very relevant to men, who experience constant rashes due to shaving. For them, a laser is the best solution. Pain, the redness, puffiness and rashes can be avoided by removing hair with a laser.

What results do different lasers produce? How many procedures should be done? Is it likely that the hair will eventually stop growing in the treated areas?

Era Esthetic clinics use the most powerful Alexandrite lasers – the GentleMax Pro and the GentleLase Pro. Their platforms have a power of 17.666 kW (for comparison, the power of other lasers is only 1.6–2.9 kW), so they are 6 to 11 times more powerful than other lasers, which is also very important for long-term results. The power of a laser ensures the efficiency of the treatment and allows for fewer procedures.

For example, diode lasers emit an 810 mm laser wave that only affects the oxyhemoglobin in the capillaries but not the pigment (melanin) in the hair. The pulsed light (photoepilation) devices have a power output of 10–15–50 J/cm2 (for comparison, an Alexandrite laser’s power output is up to 150 J/cm2).

Partnerio nuotr./Hair Removal with Alexandrite Laser – Forget About Waxing
Partnerio nuotr./Hair Removal with Alexandrite Laser – Forget About Waxing

Therefore, the pulsed light only acts on the surface and does not destroy the hair follicles, so the hair grows back even after 7–10 procedures. In other words, the power of the laser is one of its greatest advantages. Power is needed to get the energy absorbed by the laser to the hair bulb, which means that low-power lasers and other systems can not ensure long-term hair removal, because they only affect the hair superficially, they do not affect the follicles and do not remove the roots of the hair.

When it comes to lasers, one thing should be made clear: there are also low-power Alexandrite lasers and hybrid lasers with low-power Alexandrite tips used for specific purposes, which, of course, will not provide effective results in hair removal.

Era Esthetic clinics have been cooperating with the company Candela Medical, the global leaders in laser technologies, for many years. This collaboration adds value to our clinic and benefits our clients, because our Alexandrite lasers are constantly updated. Era Esthetic clinics were the first to introduce hair removal procedures with the Alexandrite laser at the very beginning of laser dermatology in Lithuania, so the experience of their specialists is truly vast. Their patients enjoy great results guaranteed by the combination of innovative technologies and the experience of the specialists who regularly improve their knowledge in international training courses and apply it on an everyday basis.

In the Era Esthetic clinics, a special 20/22/24 mm nozzle is used for tanned skin. This Alexandrite laser has the widest light wave radius that covers a large area of skin and ensures extremely safe and fast procedures even on tanned skin. Although the strongest laser impulses can only be applied to fair skin, one should limit one’s exposure to sunlight in general because of the long-term damaging effects of sunlight.

Also, the most powerful Alexandrite lasers stimulate collagen synthesis, which not only removes unwanted hair, but also rejuvenates the skin and makes it smooth. Sometimes women sign up for a procedure just to make their skin look smoother and feel softer like their friend’s, who’s had an Alexandrite laser procedure, and end up with both softer skin and freedom from the hassle of hair removal (including ingrown hair, rashes and dark spots).

In many cases, up to 80% of unwanted hair is removed in 3 procedures with an Alexandrite laser, while the entire set of procedures removes up to 95% of hair. After the first procedure, the hair will fall out, its amount will decrease, it will grow more slowly, become less visible and stop growing into the skin.

Is it painful to remove hair with an Alexandrite laser?

Hair removal with an Alexandrite laser is not painful, because the laser has an integrated DCD cooling system. During the procedure, the skin is additionally protected by cooling it before, during and after the laser pulse, so higher energy pulses can be performed safely and painlessly. No other cooling products are required during the procedure.

How many procedures does one usually need? What should one know before coming in for a hair removal procedure with an Alexandrite laser?

On average, 6 procedures are enough. They are performed every 4–6 weeks, depending on the hormonal balance of the body. Afterwards, 1–2 supportive procedures per year may be needed. There is no special preparation for the procedure, but it is advisable to avoid prolonged sun exposure for at least 3 weeks before treatment. Use sunscreens with SPF 50, do not use self-tanning creams and do not pluck or wax the hair for one month before the procedure, as the hair roots must be intact for the laser to work. It is allowed to shave the hair before the first procedure. There will be no need to remove hair in between the procedures, since it will not be visible.

Which are the most tricky areas for hair removal and why?

There are no particularly difficult areas, the hair is usually removed from the face, armpits, legs and the bikini area. Men usually chose to remove hair from their armpits, abdomen and back. This procedure can be easily performed on any chosen are of the body, because the laser has multiple applicators: hair removal in the upper lip area takes up to a few seconds; underarm area – 3 minutes; legs and the back 20–40 minutes; abdomen area for men – 10 minutes, for women – 1 minute.

Which procedures are most popular among clients of the Era Esthetic clinics?

Clients usually ask for long-lasting hair removal, also, they want to avoid ingrown hair. In general, they want to say goodbye to traditional hair removal methods and forget about irritation, itchiness, redness, rashes and scars. When removing hair at home, for example, by shaving, it is crucial to maintain a proper hygiene, otherwise infection and inflammation may develop, which require further treatment. After laser hair removal, the skin stays smooth and soft, there is no need for body make-up products to even the skin tone or medical products to remove rashes – it is all done by the laser.

Is it true that body hair is necessary and that it is bad to remove it?

There is certainly no danger associated with hair removal. On the contrary, it brings more comfort into our everyday lives and prevents ingrown hair and folliculitis. In the case of folliculitis, laser treatment is a real salvation.

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