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Published: 13 january 2020 12:16

Is our world the best world there is? The author of a mysterious book presents us with a journey to another world

A Ticket to Another World
A Ticket to Another World

Today I'm interviewing the author of a rather mysterious book. His camouflage is the pseudonym Arūnas G., however it wasn't too difficult for us to find out who he is. He was one of the participants in the competition “Give Lithuania a Vision" organised by the weekly publication Atgimimas (Rebirth). His vision was one of the top ten. So let's introduce him – Arūnas Gurklys and his first book A Ticket to Another World, which was published in 2013 by Trys Žvaigždutės. It's quite a hefty book of 432 pages and contains over a hundred stories and reflections on a very wide variety of topics. Judging by the dates of the stories one can say that the book was written mostly between 2004 and 2007 with an addition written in 2013 as a bonus. The author states that it's not just his book but he himself who is mysterious.

It's now 2020 but I've never seen your book anywhere. Is concealing it from the wider public part of its mystery?

I wouldn't say that that's why it's difficult to find. It was available over the years in one or two bookshops in Vilnius. The book was never advertised because I didn't want to explain how it affects people and especially the author. And so, it was distributed for the most part amongst people I know. That trial and incubatory period didn't have any negative consequences, so after consulting their pharmacist or doctor others could use it as medicine or food. I'm joking off course.

Another reason why it's not easy to find is the policy of the bookshops. The main thing is that they set quite high marks-up based which makes this book quite expensive. That's why once the bookshops make their calculations, they decide that they won't make much of a profit and so immediately don't give shelf space to books and so it wasn't worth their while taking on such a strange and mysterious book by an unknown author.

Why does the book have that name and why are you shy about your surname?

Okay, first about my surname. The editor of the first publishing house who looked and my work suggested I name myself after some foreign author from whom I got the manuscript. I mean, isn't there the problem of ignorance in Lithuania? It turned out that it really does exist. Regarding the shortening of my surname, that came about because of a computer. At that time the memory where the text was stored was called Arūnas G. and the memory icon changed into the document icon. It was then I realised what the name of the author would be. In actual fact one will never know from where and how these texts and thoughts came to mind. May they come from themselves... Oh well... you know what I mean...

The name of the book came about when it got to the publishers. Up till then it was the name of a document. If a new name hadn't been found, the book would most likely have been called On the Threshold of a New World. Indeed, people are now standing on that threshold but don't cross it. Or maybe they don't see neither the threshold or the door behind which that Other World, the New World, opens up?“.

Since it's so complicated to find and reach it, an intermediate link had to be created. Ticket is a word that can mean a lot of things like choice of journey, going through a check or maybe even an exam that a person who has passed can then boldly travel to that other world.

Why did the idea come to package and make an addition to the book so that it would be for a single reader? Isn't that a limitation on the reach of the book?

When the events described in the book occurred, when the thoughts in it were written down, I in actual fact had one leg or both legs in another world. It is easy to reach it? Is it really possible? It's difficult to answer unequivocally.

So let's imagine that it's open and accessible and one knows how to get there. Surely, you'll be tempted to try? And what will you find and experience there? As human beings we think that everything that exists must be real enough for us to reach out and touch. If the fingers don't feel it, if the eyes don't see it and if the tongue doesn't taste it then it's simply not there. These are indeed properties of the material world. Everything else is imaginary, fictional and figuratively experienced.

So while that other world may well be mysterious it nevertheless can be experienced. You can touch it with your finger, you can see it with your eyes, you can taste or feel it. But it's not in constant existence like this world. Miracles do not always happen in it and not constantly and not for everyone. It appears only sometimes and to chosen people. That's why it makes such an impression and has such an effect and residual value! It is indeed miraculousness that is the outstanding characteristic of that other world. As we know, miracles don't always happen. A person must deserve and be worthy of them and it goes without saying, receive them as gifts. Indeed, it's not we who perform miracles. Someone else performs them. We therefore need to earn someone's attention, benevolence and will for it to be given to us.

And how does that happen?

Good question. I can tell you how it happened to me. It could be completely different with others.

Since childhood I've always been very modest, timid and shy. I never got up to any nonsense or did anything mischievous that made my parents feel ashamed. It would seem that something created me so that by nature I was never inclined to do anything bad. I never broke my toys or spoke nonsense (although I do remember once I did) and so I was a good child. On the other hand, my being good wasn't anything particularly special that my parents, people close to me or other people could be proud of. I was not a hero. More a little mouse. A sort of male Cinderella. And so, my stepmother forced me to do all sorts of work, but I, the little mouse, wasn't particularly bothered. And that's namely why the Cinderella was worthy of the prince, and this little mouse... I wanted to say that it didn't deserve anything but then I would be lying. After all, that little mouse already in his early youth found a girl friend with whom he had a warm platonic relationship for four years.

How old was he then and how old was the friend?

He was 11 and she was four years younger – seven years old.

Was she a kind of princess?

For him yes, for others probably not. If her being a princess was something well-known then she would have been surrounded by crowds of admirers but that's not how it was.

It's in this story that the first miracles happened. Not only did our mouse receive the gift of turning into a prince, he felt what it means to feel love. Platonic love. After all, at that age there can't be real love.

Let's get back to the story. Is that other world meant for and accessible to everyone?

I don't think so. Miracles and one of them – closer to reality – is love, is very rarely accessible. However, it is namely love that is the driving force of that other world.

Is it maybe a creative force?

I don't know. I think that someone who has clear human intentions, feelings and thoughts created it. Love is a gift and not a spontaneous product of one's own consciousness or brains.

And so, when somebody from the other side sees and observes that a person is worthy of experiencing it they begin to make a plan on how to implement it. If everything goes smoothly, that other world already starts being created in a virtual space – there, on the other side and only when everything is aligned does it start to be realised here. This is when they see that they are in a fairy tale. A real fairy tale. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen all the time or up to the very end. If that was the way everything happened then we would not be able to tell the difference between a fairy tale or reality.

Nowadays people think that fairy tales happen when they're rich and living a life without worries. The children of rich people live with this point of view in a fairy tale. After all, their christenings, weddings and other celebrations really do look like fairy tales, as do other aspects of their life however life shows them that that fairy tale ends. The reality sets in and for some - hell. We then find ourselves in a horror story, something nobody wants.

What requirements must a person who wants to achieve that kind of life have? Can you list them, that is if you can remember them?

Well one that I do remember is humility. Another element is dreams. And something else that's important is fairness. It is said that you cannot develop that well-being yourself. Someone must give it to you, create the conditions for it to be discovered. Like forces from heaven. If you create well-being for yourself then it won't be by way of that miraculous world. Man is a creature that can't give himself a scratch and then laugh because of it. You cannot tickle your own armpits or the soles of your feet. The thing is that it has to happen unexpectedly. Otherwise the person will be ready for it and not feel any pleasure. For him it will be something normal.

That's the way it is with that other world. If you create it yourself who's the miracle for? There must inevitably be an exchange. This world gives that world something valuable and that world in gratitude gives goodwill to this world and its representatives.

Now when I rewind the film, I can say with certainty that all supernatural phenomena that occur are in all likelihood actions of that world beyond.

Are all good things found there only? How do they appear? Who creates them? Those who inhabit that world?

It's a lot more complicated than that. New physics should be created to explain it because current physics does not have the means to create for that world. In general, according to current physics that world doesn't exist. There are no laws that would allow it to exist. What physicists constantly go on about parallel universes being is something completely different. The universes would be the same as this one with its own or the same rules. That other world is for the most part something completely different. It's obvious that what makes it different is its miracles. They are born like dreams and only thanks to new physics can they be transferred to this world. That's when we perform miracles here.

Okay, I see that you like analysing the anatomy of miracles but is that something a reader would be interested in? Their analysis itself? Maybe it would be more interesting for them to experience miracles without an explanation?

If miracles fell from the Heavens just as mushrooms sprout in the forest in autumn there would be no need to analyse that anatomy. This is not the case here. You won't find them with a torch or if you make huge requests and efforts for them you won't receive them. We live only in the real world where even by praying we still don't get anything. Who knows though, do the creators of events hear the prayers coming out of an aircraft that's shaking terribly? And if one of the landing gear wheels don't come out, do the pilots tell the passengers what the problem is and the consequences? Often, I think they cover up a dangerous situation because it could be bad if the passengers panic and that'll cause even more problems.

And so an uninformed aircraft passenger is better than a frightened one. And if the aircraft nose dives to the ground or flies into a rocky mountain prayers won't help. They won't save lives but they can help minimise the consequences of meeting up with St. Peter. But then maybe it's with Christ himself that one meets and not St. Peter.

So according to you then piety and religiosity do not contribute to the manifestation of that miraculous world? Does that mean that your book or Ticket is the best way to get to the tale?

You put it well. I would not want to be the general if I didn't assign such a task to my book. It would be better then to be humble and say that this book cannot create anything; it's only a shiver of air or a drop of a sheet of paper. It does actually seriously claim the title of a performer of miracles. It doesn't claim to be itself but rather the author or that force that helped those texts to manifest themselves. The author didn't of course sit down on a page of paper or at a computer screen while he thought of what to write about.

In reality he would have had to have been chained down so that he didn't write the book at that time. I'm joking off course. The force and drive to write down what you experience is huge. For the author himself this is really a super master piece, not just the texts in themselves.

Clearly after so much time they don't seem like that but when the impression is fresh and still strong you can't help but think otherwise. That's actually how they affect the consciousness. Those texts at that time seemed like a redemption. Maybe they are in fact the New Bible. The new word of God for today's people. Now they won't be surprised by all of the fairy tales. People today need money especially with the help of which that'll be able to create everything. Technology and other fields have proved their advantages. It is not enough to simply wave the text in order to overtake technological progress.

It's good that you're driving it. I couldn't. I'd be too scared, I wouldn't dare or wouldn't know how to put things. You can which means you are really tougher than I am and maybe more than most people. Maybe you're higher than all of us? Maybe we should align to you, learn from you and follow you? Is this something you're pursuing?

That's a good observation. The impression has indeed been created that I want to surpass all. After thinking about it maybe I do have those intentions but they're few and far between. However if you want that other new world not for yourself and not for a short time then you need a lot of helpers and followers. Obviously I wouldn't want a whole crowd following me but if people really want to hear about this topic I would meet with them and share my experiences. Maybe I'd even share other people's experiences which could also for a short time get one to that other world. If it was only in my space then it could be debated that it is really my personal product, the fruit of my labour. I now know examples, real occurrences that prove that that other world appears to other people. One just has to learn how to recognise it. Those who know me know that they have to share their experiences with me. Maybe they want to be convinced that it is indeed that other world and not some illusion or some simple physical phenomenon. People want certainty and only an expert can give it. An expert from that other world.

Do you consider yourself an expert or maybe there are other experts? Can one come across or hear about these experts? Did they discover that other world or was it a bit different?

Hear about them yes but come across them no. I do not call extrasensory science a part of that other world because in its principle a person acts everywhere. It can be a living or dead person but a person is everywhere. There's no work of a human being in my world. Maybe there are people who can mask the abilities of another world but there must still be forces, ingenuity, spectacularity, sensation and of course those events must be as if they're Heaven-sent, not man-made.

I myself try to depersonalise the occurences because it's easier to live that way. If you knew that a person created everything then there's nothing left of the true supernatural. It's on a higher level on, not on the level of a person. It is however certainly closer to a person and bolder to interact with when you see that it is a person interacting with you and not some obscure being with even more mysterious intentions. I must nevertheless mention that such miracles are an almost inexhaustable source. There's always something new to discover in them. Such creativity is inconceivable to a person.

Okay, I understand that the special feature of the book is its miraculousness. But it's most certainly not only miracles that it propagates and conveys. I'm talking about it as if I have read your book. But what about someone who hasn't read or heard of it? What questions would they ask?

This is a question that has bothered even me for a long time. I wonder if people who aren't looking for it or who aren't interested. Would anyone suggest it to them? If it's the man on the street perhaps nobody will lead him to it. However this book is based not only on the author and texts but but also on the power that encouraged him to discover it. That force could also give a person the thought to start searching subconsciously. The thought, need and wish occurs to him and he starts searching. He searches and searches and comes across this book. It appears before him like a miracle. How could he have found it with his eyes blindfolded? I'm speaking metaphorically. Of course in order to find it one must have some kind of mysterious and magical vision that brings it to him. Using it you would see only miracles. Wouldn't this be a good tool to have? You would have to think about how to spread it universally. There's a good idea here.

Good, so when can it help someone?

Yes, thank to you if you toss a thought to me. And if I toss a thought to myself? Would I have to thank you then? Even an imaginary person that you talk to is of value. He could be many things. But maybe not everything. Okay... let him be a rare one. And if he is will he care about mysterious things like this? (By the way, how did the questioner find the narrator?)

So then why don't you have a crowd of followers? Miracles are something very valuable. Everyone aspires to them, wants and pursues them.

These days unfortunately people have become very materialistic. They think that everything can be done by actual tools only – a hammer, screwdriver, soldering iron, a pen or computer. What's created by thoughts isn't worthy of attention. That's off course difficult and complicated and maybe even inconceivable. Can you try and make something just by thinking it? That's how my people are. It is not worth wasting time or making conscious efforts to acquire such an ability. Everything can be made easier.

Right, so as long as everything can be done, that's great. But when you're faced with an insurmountable task what tools then do you use to overcome it?

Do you mean prayer?

No. I mean more than the power of hands. Insurmountable problems can arise except... You can't be taught such powers if you don't have the necessary tool. And if you do obtain it life could be different. So you can see that it's not a miracle that saves but life itself that turns into a miracle which you wish will never end. For that to happen there must be no vegetating but progress instead. Comprehensive progress. Only in that way will those powers that contribute to miracles grow. Teaching must happen not only when problems occur but beforehand. It's not problems then that will arise but rather rewards as you go through life

Is that then the other world?

That's it exactly


Have you experienced a lot of miracles in your life? If so when?

If I lived in the world that I was talking about then yes. I would have to come down to the level of people in order to understand if it's easy to rise from it and if it's easy to get this engine started. If I don't make the effort the train won't go, if the number of coaches doesn't increase then the problem has to be clarified. Without a specific state of being or powers I would not have learned that. Everything looks and feels completely different at the bottom of a hole. Climbing out of it without ever having done it before is very difficult. I can and would be able to but if there was nobody to advise or teach them how can anyone find the way out by themselves?

Can a person with the help of this book experience what you have experienced?

That's what I am trying to do now. For a certain amount of time I must not take any action, cultivate any thoughts or develop my spirit so that I can understand if a person becomes that, if they can themselves without any help discover it and come into being. Will they find the link to that higher world? By all accounts that I see, no. They are incapable and still unmotivated

So what can motivate them?

Some kind of cataclysm, a huge unsolvable problem or a simple push from within.

So is this world not worthy of discovering your book? Are changes needed for a person to rise to a higher level?


You have a very mysterious way of talking. Do people understand what you're talking about? Not everyone likes solving riddles especially when they're so vague.

People are inclined to simplify life. Why bother getting to know it if you can put on rose-coloured glasses through which you don't see much. Mystery allows you to train your mind and wit so that solving riddles is as easy as shelling sunflower seeds. Now, with today's minds and abilities to perceive consciousness, easy riddles seem as tough as opening walnuts. And it seems to most that once they've cracked the nuts, they find nothing inside so why bother?

And what if the reader decides to take a hammer and just crush the nuts?

The hammer for these nuts is a solid mind, consciousness and intuition. Any other real hammers won't break these nuts. There are no answers to the questions given at the back of the textbook. The aim is to get a powerful tool, not easy answers. With this tool all other tasks will be easy. In this way people will learn how to reach and exceed the speed of light, to make contact with other civilisations or in actual fact visit them and how to understand the way the world works, life and all laws. People will understand lots of things and so their horizons will expand and expand. It's a completely different world, a new civilisation, the new world with new people. Even my desk confirms my words.

To finish, I'd like to ask – won't this Other World, this New World of yours bring about the end of this world? Often when you want to build something you have to destroy something.

There theme of the end of the world is felt throughout the book. If I was the coordinator of this world I would wonder for a long time if this was the best option available. If there are any prospects and hope then it's worth correcting, improving and changing it based on what already exists. Yet if it turns out that it can only get worse and stray from its course and it's no longer possible to save it then the thought of starting all over again would probably arise. But that would indeed be a lot of work and it's not as yet clear if everything will end up going the same way. That's just my hypothetical opinion. It is of course not clear what our creator thinks of our current world. Maybe according to his plan this is the way everything should happen? Or maybe we are the creators? And maybe some other invisible force of ours...


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