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Published: 26 september 2019 17:27

Lithuanian image shift in Norway: innovation experts impress Oslo Innovation Week organizers and participants

The LPO at Oslo Innovation Week 2018
The LPO at Oslo Innovation Week 2018

Thanks to the Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo (LPO) club, on September 23-27, Lithuania yet again is represented in one of Scandinavia’s biggest innovation events: Oslo Innovation Week. During this week, innovations and sustainable business solutions that are designed to tackle global challenges are presented. Among the presenters – Telesoftas founder Algirdas Stonys, Research and Technology Organization managing director Monika Poškutė and Klaipėda Science and Technology Park development manager Andrius Sutnikas.

The LPO club received an exclusive Oslo Innovation Week invitation to organise talks after a massive success last year – at that time the LPO showcased Lithuania as an exceedingly modern and innovative country and thereby contributed tremendously to shifting the image of Lithuanians towards employees of a high qualification and technological savvy. Last year, together with partners, the LPO together was bold in two events and their topics: “A shortcut to wellbeing via AR/VR + Gaming” and “CryptoSociety: Are we ready?”. During this, a number of speakers and scientists from Lithuania impressed the audience by presenting unseen applications of their developed technologies and solutions. The all-day conference (both events) was nicely wrapped up and all chairs kicked off with an amazing edutainment (education and entertainment) session “This is Connection” performed by the well-known Lithuanian-Columbian performer Jurgis Didžiulis.

All events, seminars and conferences during Oslo Innovation Week are organized based on “Dugnad” (Eng. voluntary work) principle, where independent organizers come up with topics they want to develop during their events and after approval, they select cases, presenters and speakers on their own. Yet, all the event topics have to discuss at least one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals implemented by United Nations. Therefore, this year, during the “Make Oceans Blue Again” event, speakers will present and discuss in a panel, their suggestions and achievements on revitalizing our oceans.

“We follow local media, analyse political debates and the market; and then chose topics strategically, so that we could attract the most attention, and offer innovative content & substance, as well consider if we can tell anything strong to the world,” explains one of the LPO’s co-founders Tomas Pujanauskas, “However, despite such a success in selecting topics, inviting speakers and finding funding solutions, we sometimes question ourselves whether anyone really needs that as we feel that the biggest pushing force is within the LPO only.”

The LPO is a club, established under Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and is an entirely voluntary based initiative which unites professionals from various areas, and which creates social space around itself so that members can enjoy networking advantages. The Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, which supports the club in all possible ways, is celebrating its fifth anniversary during the same September week, i.e. 25th of September.

The LPO is also one of 22 voluntary professional clubs active in Europe, Asia and the USA that are part of the international professional network “Global Lithuanian Leaders”.

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