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Published: 8 april 2013 11:17

Lithuanians in Ghor were attacked by Afghan National Army soldier

Vilmantas Tamošaitis
Juliaus Kalinsko / 15min nuotr. / Vilmantas Tamošaitis

Sunday's attack on an armored vehicle of the Lithuanian Armed Forces in Afghanistan's Ghor province was by a soldier of the Afghan National Army who fired a granade, Lithuanian Armed Forces' Joint Staff Commander Brigadier General Vilmantas Tamošaitis has told a news conference on Monday. Two Lithuanian soldiers were injured in the attack.

The soldier behind the attack has been detained, details of the incident under investigation by local authorities.

"The hand-held antitank grenade projector was fired by a soldier of Afghanistan's National Army. He is currently in custody. It is hard to give any further details now. Work is currently underway at the personnel of Afghanistan's National Army, the police, local prosecutors and the National Security Directorate. Leadership of our Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) is also involved in the processes," Tamošaitis told journalists.

The attack occurred when the Lithuanian patrol was passing the ANA control post.

In Tamošaitis' words, one of the two injured soldiers should go back to service in a few days, while the other man was taken to a higher-level war hospital in Mazar-i-Sharif. He will be observed for the next 48 hours before a decision is made on his further treatment.

"The soldier's life is not in danger, he is stable, all of his vital functions work well, the soldier was conscious in our care in Chagcharan," the general said.

"Their families have requested that the character of injuries, their first and last names be withheld. I can say that they are not from the commanding personnel, one of them is a senior private and the other is a corporal," he added.

The shift of the troops is coming to its end. The injured men had spent five months in Ghor before the incident. This is the 16th shift of the PRT serving in Afghanistan.

Lithuania plans to end its mission in Ghor this year. The last Lithuanian troops should leave the province in September. Lithuanian troops have served in the remote and one of the poorest regions on Afghanistan since 2005.

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