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Published: 25 july 2012 11:40

Poland's Lithuanian community appalled at mistranslations in Lithuanian-language examination papers

Jono Petronio nuotr. / Student
After receiving reports about mistakes found in the examination questions translated to the Lithuanian language in Poland, the Lithuanian National Examination Center has repeatedly offered assistance to clolleagues in Warsaw.

Algirdas Vaicekauskas, principal of the Lithuanian-language Žiburys school in Sejny, Poland, told BNS that tests for 6-graders and final exams contained mistakes this year. In his words, this could have been avoided, should Poland have agreed to accept the consultations offered by Vilnius.

"There were translation mistakes, that's a fact. Last year, the Lithuanian side in the task force for education matters offered its help with the translations, but Poland did not accept it and made mistakes again," Vaicekauskas said.

In his words, the mistakes – inaccurate translation of concepts and non-Lithuanian sentence structure – is deterring some students from taking Lithuanian-language exams and may affect examination results.

Saulius Zybartas, director of the Lithuanian National Examination Center, said his institution immediately offered assistance to Poland, adding that a meeting was currently being organized.

"We received the information from the Lithuanian community in Poland. I immediately approached the head of the Polish institution in charge of the exams and offered urgent assistance," Zybartas told BNS.

"I received an answer – a proposal to meet and discuss the post-examination situation. We have exchanged letters offering an acceptable date for the meeting. I hope the working meeting will take place before the start of preparation of the next year's exams," he said.

Up to 15,000 persons of Lithuanian origin reside in Poland.

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