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Published 2019 10 18, 11:01

Schoolchildren in Vilnius will participate in climathon to look for climate change solutions

Children's input in solving global problems is becoming a global trend. Three CodeAcademy Kids students will attend the Climathon in Vilnius on October 25th to develop innovative ideas on combating climate change.
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Climate change march / Luko Balandžio / 15min nuotr.

Teamed up with their teacher and trainee of the academy, teens, the youngest of whom is 14, will compete with business, energy, environmental, IT and other professionals.

“I found it interesting to see how people are working to reduce climate change. I have some ideas myself and believe they could change the future,” says Benas Volkovas, a CodeAcademy Kids student.

Climathon is a 24-hour competition that will take place in 60 cities around the world at the same time. The event will address environmental issues related to energy, transport, food waste, corporate social responsibility and others. In short, will bring together experts from different fields to generate ideas that can help their city become more environmentally friendly.

This is the first time CodeAcademy Kids students will participate in an international event of such scale.

"Started by Greta Thunberg, the movement has shown that the younger generation is concerned about the future of our planet,” tells Aurelija Makelytė, the CEO of CodeAcademy Kids. ”Now they are taking action to create and propose specific innovations. This proves that age is not an obstacle in contributing to a better future.”

During the CodeAcademy Kids summer entrepreneurship camp “Silicon Valley” in Vilnius Tech Park, children learned about the world-wide Climathon taking place in Vilnius this fall. Afterwards, students got eager to apply their knowledge of business and technology to combat the dangers of the warming climate.

“It's important to make people think about the planet and its future, which might not come if we don’t change anything. Being interested in climate change, I see some people coming up with unconventional ideas on how to improve the situation. If we continue to do so, I believe it is possible to minimize the impact of climate change, and we can start with Vilnius,” states Benas.

The distinguishing fact about Climathon is that everyone who wants to help their city improve can take part. In previous events in other cities, even primary school students have participated.

“The event raises climate change awareness by being open to all who want to make their cities more sustainable. We want our students to participate in this event to improve their teamwork, communication, technology knowledge, and, equally important, to see what changes everyone can make in their daily lives to help the environment,” claims Aurelija.

About CodeAcademy Kids

CodeAcademy Kids is an academy of innovative education where students aged 7-18 learn to code. With the help of teachers, children learn by developing personal projects, such as computer games, web pages, mobile applications, brands, and more. While coding, students gain skills of analytical and logical thinking, creativity, attention to detail, effective problem solving, and teamwork.

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