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Published 2021 08 05, 04:44

The gates are open: the cheapest way to Europe

A man in dark clothes quietly slips out of the pine forest and furtively looks around him. Assured that no one is watching him, he grabs onto a two-meter-high barbed wire fence and effortlessly climbs over it. Dropping quietly to the ground, he looks around and runs to the waiting area. On the way, he jumps over a small ditch in one step, crosses a sandy stretch and dives into the forest again. He has just crossed the European Union’s external border without any difficulty. A little easier to breathe, he turns to the Belarusian side and starts urging on his friends who are still behind the fence. Soon they’ve all easily crossed the symbolic frontier. Four more migrants have entered Lithuania.
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Vartai atidaryti thumbnail

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