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Published: 23 july 2021 07:24

AI-Powered recipe platform Plant Jammer starts cooperating with Baltic food retail network RIMI

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Rimi / AI solution
Plant Jammer, the artificial intelligence algorithm-based app that helps anyone cook a delicious plant-based meal with whatever is in their fridge and pantry, has partnered with one of the leading Baltic food retail networks RIMI. From now Beta version of widget “Empty your fridge”, integrated into Rimi’s website, allows everyone in Baltic states to select the available food or leftovers from your kitchen and the virtual chef will offer healthy and high-quality recipes that will include these selected ingredients.

“We are happy to expand our mission to empower one billion people with food habits that increase their health and the health of the planet by reducing food waste and eating healthier. RIMI was the first food retail network to join us and we really like their approach by helping everyone to change by taking small steps in sustainability and healthy food areas,” says Michael Haase, Plant Jammer CEO and founder.

RIMI is using Plant Jammer API to offer customized experience for its customers in Baltic states - widget is available free of charge in all three Baltic countries in Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian on the local Rimi websites:, , . As well English version of the widget will be available soon on website.

People can visit local RIMI website, choose what products and ingredients they have now, and Plant Jammer AI will offer several different healthy and nutritious dishes. There are countless recipes to explore, including stir-fries, soups, pizzas, pasta, salads, tacos, risottos, quiches, stews, casseroles, green meat, dips, and much more.

"For a long time Rimi’s main area of focus has been healthy habits and steps towards a greener tomorrow. And Food waste is still one of a big problems in Baltics. Our recent study[1] showed that as many as 90% of people in the Baltics throw away food because it becomes spoiled. Together with our partner – Plant Jammer we have found a way to help our customers make small steps, not only towards solving this issue, but to start eating healthier as well. Rimi has always been devoted to making a positive impact on environmental and health issues, and with the help of innovative digital tools we can accomplish this even easier than ever before. In this case, just a few clicks can tell us what we have in the fridge and pantry, and the AI-Powered chef does all the hard work by connecting ingredients on hand with many useful and healthy meal options,” says Rimi Baltic Corporate Brand and Communication Director Zanda Sadre.

"We're not just trying to make it easier to find the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions 'what are we going to eat today?'. We want to encourage people to eat healthier, throw away less food and increase the variety of dishes they cook”, said Michael Haase, Founder and CEO of Plant Jammer. “Plant Jammer was founded after realizing that 80% of people prepare the same 10 recipes every year. We are pleased that Rimi had become the first retail chain in the world to use our platform.”

Rimi is one of the leading food retail chains in the Baltics, operating nearly 300 stores in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The company employs over 12,000 people across the Baltics. Rimi is a subsidiary of Swedish ICA Gruppen.

Plant Jammer was founded in 2016. Today, the app under the same name upon which the Rimi solution is based, is used by more than 200,000 people worldwide. Last year, the Danish startup attracted 4 million euros in investment from well-known companies such as Miele and Dr Oetker.

[1] RIMI commissioned a representative survey in June with more than 1,500 respondents (18-69 year old shoppers of grocery and every-day products) in the Baltic countries.

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