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Published: 30 november 2021 13:36

Avitela launches a new concept store in the upgraded Europa shopping centre

Žygimanto Gedvilos / 15min nuotr. / Avitela
Avitela, one of the largest retail chains for consumer electronics in Lithuania, will open a new concept store in Vilnius, at the Europa shopping centre that is currently being renovated. Avitela is planning to invest EUR 0.5 million in the store with a concept, products and services that will be adapted to the shopping centre’s target audience – the people who work and live in the surrounding business district.

“Our priority is a high-quality customer experience. Therefore, we try to consider the different needs of particular cities or even districts. Konstitucijos Avenue in Vilnius is an area where the intensive development of offices and modern apartments are taking place, and Europa is located in the very heart of this district. We therefore identified an opportunity to open a store offering a range of products suited to this area,” said Irmantas Viliūnas, Chief Marketing Officer at Avitelos prekyba.

Europa is being upgraded in pre-planned phases, while the shopping centre’s food stores and services areas remain open as usual. The final part of the project is planned to be completed by mid-2022, while the newest Avitela store will be opened in the first quarter of 2022.

“Currently, we are implementing the largest and most important upgrade to the Europa shopping centre since the day of its opening. As a result, visitors will find more functionalities here with a well-balanced range of products and services, as well as pleasant, diverse spaces for their meetings, dates, work and leisure activities. We are happy that Avitela has recognised this change as an opportunity to expand its business by opening a new concept store,” revealed Eglė Juškienė, CEO of the Europa shopping centre.

The new shop-in-shop Avitela store has been designed for consumers who want the highest quality and who are interested in the latest technologies. It will offer everything from beauty products to ultra-high-definition TVs, and from consumer robots to business-class computers. “These customers value not only the product quality but also the service quality – including the seller’s competence and know-how of the item they are selling. That is why our new store will focus on providing customers with detailed advice and help for choosing the right product, as well as a wide range of services that are relevant to them,” explained Viliūnas.

According to Viliūnas, the company is not planning a further expansion of its physical stores for now: “We are happy with our current ratio of physical to electronic commerce. Global trends have shown that there are three main types of customers. Those who know exactly what they want and only buy specific functions will usually opt for purchasing online. However, if a customer values aesthetics and wants premium-quality products, and also trusts the advice of experts on how to adapt the equipment to their individual needs, he/she will go to a physical store. The third type of customer is one who prefers virtual or video shopping, so we are seriously considering the need for that type of option. Our goal is to balance these approaches and let each customer choose the most convenient one.”

The new store will be the fourth store in Vilnius to operate under the brands of Avitela or Elektromarkt. There are 25 such stores throughout Lithuania.

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