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Published: 12 may 2021 03:31

Baltpool has started trading SBP-certified sustainable biofuels that are in high demand in the market

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With the growing demand for sustainable biomass in Europe, the international biomass exchange Baltpool is expanding its range of products having sustainability certificates. From now on, exchange participants can trade in biomass that meet the requirements of sustainability and have a SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program) certificate, which is especially relevant for Scandinavian and Baltic companies.

The SBP certificate, which proves the sustainability of biomass, is well-known and recognized worldwide, and it is also widely used in Europe, especially in Scandinavia, where biomass have very high sustainability requirements.

„In order to meet our customers expectations, we have provided the opportunity to trade in biofuel products having the SBP sustainability certificate on the biofuel exchange. This certificate is increasingly required by biofuel buyers from Scandinavia that purchase up to 50% of biofuels in the Baltic States. Therefore, this solution is beneficial for both Scandinavian biofuel buyers and Baltic sellers,” notes Andrius

Asmeninio archyvo nuotr./Andrius Smaliukas
Asmeninio archyvo nuotr./Andrius Smaliukas

, Director of the International Biomass Exchange Baltpool.

The SBP certificate, issued by an accredited organization, confirms that biofuels are obtained from legal, sustainable sources and that the biomass production plant complies with the established requirements. The SBP certificates are most commonly issued for wood pellet and particle board products used in industry and large power plants. Currently, 371 such certificates have been issued in 31 countries.

“The main goal of SBP is to facilitate trade in biomass in international markets. The opportunity to trade SBP-compliant biomass on the Baltpool exchange opens another way for our certificate holders to trade in sustainable products,” says Carsten Huljus, the CEO of SBP.

In addition to biomass with the SBP sustainability certificate, Balpool Biofuel Exchange also sells biomass products having FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and ENplus certificates.

This year, Baltpool has announced more news. The biofuel exchange supplemented its portfolio by a new product – used wood. In March, Baltpool started trade in biomass in the ports of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries and Poland. This has created favourable conditions for biofuel producers and sellers to increase the volume and geography of their products in international markets, and buyers from the Scandinavian countries have even more opportunities to purchase sustainable biofuels from the Baltic Sea region.

Baltpool exchange trades wood chips, wood pellets, used wood, fuel peat, lignin. Last year 5.5 TWh of biofuel was sold on the exchange and 5,629 transactions were concluded, which amounted to EUR 54.9 million EUR.

About Baltpool

Baltpool International Biomass Exchange is a rapidly growing online trading platform, where buyers and sellers meet to trade in biomass and timber products under standardized rules.

In Lithuania, Baltpool also organizes wood and heat auctions and administers the funds of services of public interest. Baltpool currently operates in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Sweden and Finland. The company’s vision is to be the first option for biofuel trade in Europe. Baltpool belongs to the Lithuanian state-owned energy company group EPSO-G. The biofuel exchange is supervised and regulated by the National Energy Regulatory Council.

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