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Published: 8 april 2021 18:28

DROGAS announces a new steps challenge: DROGAS-180!

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Each of us can base their daily lives on sustainable solutions. It benefits not only the environment but also our physical and emotional well-being. What are these solutions - the DROGAS retail chain reveals, inviting you to join the special DROGAS-180 step challenge.

As part of its sustainability mission and to encourage us to travel in a way that is more beneficial and friendly to our health and the environment, the DROGAS retail chain has released the DROGAS-180, steps challenge in the #walk15 app.

The goal of the challenge is to walk 1.8 billion steps in 180 days. 180 of the most active participants in the challenge will be awarded with special prizes.

The value of walking is indisputable

"Scientists claim that a walk of just 30 minutes brings dozens of different benefits to our body and mind. It reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, makes it easier to control weight and prevent obesity, it reduces stress and anxiety and increases energy levels, it improves mood, blood circulation, lung function, sleep quality, coordination and balance, and it makes it easier to absorb vitamin D, strengthening bones and muscles and helping to stabilise blood pressure and strengthen immunity. Most importantly, walking inspires and stimulates creativity", says Lithuanian athletics champion Vlada Musvydaitė, founder of the #walk15 app.

It is estimated that during a 1-kilometre journey, a car emits so much CO2 that it requires the work of 5 adult trees to neutralize it. So, participants who have accepted the challenge will have the instant opportunity to observe the positive impact on the environment in the #walk15 app - they will grow virtual trees. After 1.8 billion steps, as many as 6.5 million virtual trees will be grown.

Company celebrates impressive anniversary

The challenge revolves symbolically around the number "180". The challenge was announced at 18 hours (6 p.m.) on 18 March, during a live broadcast with sports enthusiast Vlada Musvydaitė, and it lasted 18 minutes. And awards will be given to the 180 most active participants! Why 180? Did you know that DROGAS belongs to the largest international health and beauty chain, A.S. WATSON, whose history began exactly 180 years ago? It started when a British pharmacist arrived in Hong Kong, which at the time was still a small fishing town. There he began managing a local pharmacy which had been founded in 1841, and he turned it into the first local Western pharmacy, which eventually evolved into a huge chain of beauty and health products. The initials A.S.W. in the name of the network – A.S. WATSON – are the initials of this pharmacist, Alexander Skirving Watson.

As part of such a large, innovative and world-changing network, DROGAS wants to celebrate with you in a meaningful and sustainable way this important anniversary of the company.

How to participate?

DROGAS employees were the first to demonstrate that such a challenge can be successfully overcome. In an inner challenge, the company team stepped 90 million steps in 4 months. This equates to almost two trips around the globe!

Now is the time to take on this challenge for each of us. This is very simple to do:

- Download the # walk15 app and select the winner's cup icon,

- In the "New challenges" section that opens, select "DROGAS-180",

- Register and enjoy a more sustainable movement and claim to be among the 180 winners.

The challenge will run until September 14th.


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