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Published: 26 march 2020 10:25

Due to emergency conditions, people are employed remotely: a new employee can be recruited in an hour

Jurgis Kovas
Jurgis Kovas

With the growing number of the unemployed in Lithuania, people are actively seeking temporary work opportunities. The government is urgently seeking a decision to simplify conditions for employers to rent employees from companies that have been forced to suspend their operations due to quarantine. In order to respond quickly to market changes, new employees are employed remotely, in a non-contact method. estimates that online recruitment will grow by about 230% during March.

The resolution under consideration by the Republic of Lithuania Government provides that an enterprise whose activity has to be suspended due to quarantine may exceptionally be included in the list of Temporary Employment Companies compiled by the State Labour Inspectorate within one working day. The main criteria are that the company must not be suspended or restricted, nor should bankruptcy proceedings be instituted. This would make it easier for employers who currently lack staff to borrow workers from another company.

An employee can be found and recruited within the hour

“Temporary employment contracts must be signed with the employees ‘lent’ to another company, and the same working conditions as direct workers must be guaranteed. Although the bureaucratic burden is planned to be reduced, it is still a considerable burden for the employer, who needs the employee urgently today,” says Jurgis Kovas, head of the temporary employment platform at

Due to the announced quarantine and the necessary self-isolation, contactless remote recruitment processes are a must for every employer.

“Modern technology makes it possible to implement all interview processes remotely. On the Workis platform, an employer can post a job offer, select the right employees. Subsequently, employees review the introductory briefings on safe work, and the employment contract is signed online. You could find an employee and sign an employment contract within one hour. This is a very convenient way for employers who are in urgent need of an employee right now,” explains Jurgis Kovas.

According to Mr Kovas, the current economic uncertainty and instability will increase the need for short-term jobs. For businesses, this is a safe way to hire an employee for the urgent, necessary time.

Those who have lost their jobs are actively seeking temporary employment opportunities

“We currently find over 100 new people on the platform every week in companies that provide work delivery services or manufacturing. At the moment, we mainly employ people who lost their jobs due to the situation - employees of shops, restaurants, bars or students,” says J. Kovas.

Self-isolation requirements have led to a sharp increase in the activity of companies delivering goods services, as well as the workload of some factories. Most of the employment contracts were concluded in Vilnius, but the increased demand for employees is noticeable all over Lithuania.

“We have seen a significant increase in the number of people applying for temporary jobs in the last week, as some workers are forced to take unpaid leave or are fired. We can fulfil the increased demand for employees for companies very quickly, so the business can focus on its core work, rather than looking for additional employees,” says Jurgis Kovas.

Employers’ desire to protect senior employees

In some companies, new employees are needed not only because of growing demand, but also because of the desire to protect older, higher-risk workers.

“Some of our customers have taken additional safeguards and allowed employees over the age of 60 to stay home but receive full pay. Such examples of responsible businesses are truly gratifying. We note that older people who are at higher risk are less likely to apply for temporary jobs now offered,” predicts J. Kovas.


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