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Published: 18 october 2021 19:30

Giedrius Muliuolis becomes the CEO of SBA Urban

Giedrius Muliuolis
SBA Group / Giedrius Muliuolis
Giedrius Muliuolis, who has been heading the commercial department of SBA Urban, the real estate company of SBA Group, will take the helm of the company. His team will implement SBA Urban's strategy, which was approved earlier this year, and one of the key aspects of which is the development of exclusive concept real estate projects internationally.

“Having joined the SBA Urban team several years ago, Giedrius proved through his competence and energy that he is capable of achieving excellent results: in the midst of the pandemic, reputable clients were found and our new business centres in Vilnius and Kaunas reached full occupancy, new strategic partnerships were established, and a motivated and ambitious team was assembled. This is an excellent example of an internal career and I have no doubt that the appointed CEO’s leadership and professional team will successfully implement the long-term strategy where one of its core factors is international expansion,” SBA Urban board chairman Lionginas Šepetys says.

G. Muliuolis will replace G. Audickas as SBA Urban CEO, with Mr Audickas deciding to continue his professional career in another sphere of business after helping detail implementation guidelines for the company’s new strategy. G. Muliuolis joined SBA Urban as its commerce director in 2019, previously working for over a decade at the SEB bank, where he was responsible for cooperation with the bank’s largest real estate sector clients.

“What awaits is a truly intensive but even more inspiring period. Alongside the team, we will implement large and conceptually unique projects in Lithuania and beyond, we will continue working with current and potential clients, we will seek new avenues of development. However, what is crucial is that we remain a different kind of developer. We will remain faithful to our principles – architectural aesthetics, harmony with the environment and sustainability regardless of whether we develop offices, residential buildings or logistics facilities. The environments we create should evoke pride and delight not only current generations but also future ones as well,” SBA Urban CEO G. Muliuolis says.

As per the expansion strategy launched this year, SBA Urban plans to invest 400 million euros over the next five years, targeting the creation of high-tech campuses, e-tail hubs, wind farms, and sustainable and innovative business centres.

In a prospective 7.3 hectare plot of land acquired in Riga between the city centre and its airport, SBA Urban is due to develop a unique concept high-tech campus, with its project being drafted alongside a world-famous team of architects. The campus is expected to host high tech companies and science labs, as well as be an inclusive ecosystem of working and living spaces.

The company also purchased another plot of land spanning 3 hectares on the Daugava riverbank a month ago. The territory is planned to host a commercial or mixed-purpose project.

SBA Urban plans to develop an exclusive concept e-tail and logistics campus right next to Kaunas in Biruliškės at a logistically attractive location next to the country’s most active roadway – Vilnius-Klaipėda. It is due to emerge in a 12.5 hectare plot purchased a month ago.

The SBA Group real estate sector’s SBA Urban manages the Green Hall business valley in Vilnius. It also developed the BLC business centre in Kaunas next to Unity Square, which was renewed by SBA. SBA Urban has also developed the business centre Kauno Dokas, which is owned by Capitalica Asset Management. Other development projects include industrial buildings such as the logistics centre Innovo Logistika and the furniture component factory Laminn at the SBA Industrial Innovation Valley near Klaipėda, with these buildings later being sold to the Estonian fund Eften. SBA Urban is currently developing the residential building block Nemunaičiai on the bank of the Nemunas River in Kaunas alongside another SBA real estate sector company – Notus Developers. Notus Developers has also been commissioned by the SBA Group to build the manufacturing complex Inno Line at the SBA Industrial Innovation Valley near Klaipėda.

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