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Published: 26 march 2020 08:17

How much and what kind of water we need to drink to stay employable

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March 22nd – International day of water. On this day we are kindly invited you to pay attention towards the importance of water and its importance to humans and nature. Even though people all over the globe drink an enormous amount of water, most of the water is being used through the growth of food and food transportation. Experts are quick to notice, that nevertheless the importance of water, we shouldn’t be over drinking it.

Associate professor of biomedical sciences Artūras Sujeta says, that nowadays it is very important to make sure that you have sufficient amount of food at your home as well as to stay active and well hydrated.

“Nowadays during this social and environmental crisis, many of us are worried about the virus. Here in Lithuania after quarantine was announced, many citizens lifestyle changed. During this period, it is very important to stay active. To go for a walk in your neighborhood, to breath in some fresh air and to keep ourselves hydrated. If you are feeling out of concentration, sluggish, not in the mood or if you are experiencing headache make sure you are hydrated, because dehydration might be the only reason for your bad mood today. Appropriate fluid balance in a body will help you to stay positive and energized. To make sure you are consuming the right amount of water it is very easy. Just pay attention to few details and you are good to go!” says A. Sujeta.

Different types of water

Water differs by its mineralization level and it‘s grouped into low, medium and high mineralization levels. For every day use it’s best to use low mineralization water, which contains no more than 500mg/l minerals in a litter of water”, - says A. Sujeta.

For example, Neptūnas water has a mineralization of only 157 mg/l of minerals. This water is just perfect for everyday use and baby food preparation.

For everyday use medium mineralization water is also good, it restores your body minerals. However, we must understand that these minerals are also consumed through the food and that medium mineralization water shouldn’t be your only choice of water. But if we are talking about high mineralization water, we must say that it must be drank with care and it cannot be used by all of us. High mineralization water has high amount of dissolved minerals and salts. Usually this water is recommended when a person is losing a lot of minerals due to heavy sweating, vomiting or diarrhea and it’s necessary to keep mineral balance in the body.

What is the right amount of water to drink?

There are plenty of different recommendations on daily water consumption. According to A. Sujeta, you cannot trust them blindly. Each person should calculate individually how much water he or she needs to consume.

For example, standard height, 60kg weighting women which has low to medium intensity work, burns approximately 1500 calories so her normal rate of water intake per day is 1.5 liters of water. On the other had for a standard height, 80kg weighting men which has low to medium intensity work and burns 2500 calories, he must drink 2.5 liters of water per day.

“During a quarantine many people have lowered their physical activity levels and whole movement space was confined by the living area. However, it’s very important to consume your water regularly. Because while being for a longer period in a closed environment, body loses its fluids, especially if environment air is dry. So during this period the water intake shouldn’t be lowered,” A. Sujeta pays attention.

Also, it’s worth noting that water should be consumed throughout the day regularly, but not when you are starting to feel thirsty. According to Artūras Sujeta, thirst is one of the first symptoms to dehydration.


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