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Published: 5 august 2020 15:43

Lithuanian start-up disrupts transportation and offers substantial savings in time and money


New logistics management tool Freidesk helps its customers transport freight swiftly, simply and effectively with a few clicks of a button. It has already earned the trust of over 100 well known international companies and brands based in the Baltics. The platform is currently used by over 1,200 carriers and the number of customers continues to grow weekly. By mid-2020, over 2,000 cargoes were shipped directly through Freidesk platform. All cargoes shipped through the platform are covered by separate delivery insurance that is provided by Freidesk, thereby relieving customers of the need to take extra security precautions.

Endless Skype, WhatsApp messages, calls and emails that are made to seek out shipment information; lost data, search for accompanying documents to fill out invoices for tens or hundreds of carriers – this is the everyday life of Freidesk’s addressable market. Gladly, some companies are already enjoying optimised workflows, saving their precious time and money. This business-changing experience became a reality after the companies started using Freidesk in their daily work lives.

Unique start-up won the hearts of best-recognised companies

Freidesk is a rapidly growing start-up. The company has been doubling its turnover every month and has already earned the trust of over a hundred business partners. By using Freidesk, logistics management processes were successfully optimised for a number of famous Lithuanian and international companies: Birštono Mineraliniai Vandenys (known for Akvilė and Vytautas brands, among others), Vilandra (representing Johnson’s baby, Vileda, Chupa-Chups and other famous brands).

By using the Freidesk platform, all logistics-related processes are also handled problem-free for Atrona, which manages Mogyi brand development. Freidesk services are successfully used by Agrochema, a well-known holding group. The staff of Keraplast, Wienerberger and Vilkritis can breathe easier because their work was simplified - placing orders and selecting carriers to get the best price is now achieved with a click of a button. With usually more than four price quotes submitted by Freidesk carriers, companies can gauge market trends accurately.

The platform that helps save time

The times when you had to call taxi dispatchers and explain your address just to hail a cab are long gone. Everything is far simpler now, all thanks to new ride-hailing services available via apps on any smart device.

The time is now to digitise all freight transportation. Freidesk is on a mission to make road freight simple for businesses of all sizes. .Freidesk can be used on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Customers always quickly and seamlessly find required information in one single place. Order statuses, integrated communications, lowest shipping charge indication, guarantee of transparency - Freidesk allows work to proceed smoothly, simply and effectively, giving time and energy back to the customer to handle other important tasks at work.

Manage your documents and invoices with Freidesk

Once the lowest price is chosen and orders are confirmed, companies can sit back, relax and enjoy - Freidesk carriers handle their side of the deal. From entering truck license plates to indicating exact loading and unloading times; from managing waybills to automated invoicing - all is handled within Freidesk: by the system itself or Freidesk carriers. No more Skype, Viber or or other communication channels - Freidesk chat will help connect with your carriers if any questions arise.

Growing popularity and optimistic predictions

Freidesk seeks to grow even faster and together with many of their partner companies they envision the implementation of digital technologies to start now. By using Freidesk, the shift to digital can be achieved swiftly and with ease, without the need to invest in any complex or expensive software.

Freidesk is created with the customer in mind and is very easy to use. With Freidesk, the users don’t need to fear novelty because this system is user friendly and easy to grasp for everyone.

Taking into account the ever-growing number of customers and their needs, Freidesk is launching new features and modules every week, with plans long ahead - for example, time slot management coming in Q3. For Freidesk, it’s all about the customer, it’s all about making freight simple.

More information on the Freidesk platform can be found on

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