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Published: 3 april 2020 22:25

Lithuanian start-up Omnisend contributes more than 30.000 EUR to combat the coronavirus, will seek to aid small businesses

Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris
Asmeninio archyvo nuotrauka / Omnisend

Created in Lithuania and having obtained worldwide recognition, the integrated marketing tool Omnisend has decided to contribute 30 thousand euro to combat the coronavirus and its impact. The company seeks to help thus small businesses, which have lost their income, offering its services free of charge or at half price.

According to its founder Rytis Laurinavičius, Omnisend has already donated more than half of the allocated sum and will distribute the remaining support over the coming days. A part of the funds (5,000 euro) is intended to contribute to the Lithuanian start-up community’s fund for the purchase and delivery of essential protective equipment. The start-up has also purchased 800 special protective overalls for medics (6,400 euro), which is submitted to the Vilnius city municipality, while also responding to the Lithuanian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport’s call to help children study remotely, gifting 15 computers (6,000 euro).

“We are currently actively encouraging another initiative that has become a tradition in our company – we are doubling any donations made by our staff. This means that the sum donated by any Omnisend team member to their chosen organisation, we increase by an equivalent amount. We hope to increase our staff’s social responsibility, thus even further. Earlier, we would typically donate to children, now medical organisations are prevalent,” R. Laurinavičius states.

Seeking to aid small businesses

“We understand well that these months are also difficult for the owners of small shops, workshops and galleries, other small businesses in the country, who have lost their sources of revenue. We encourage them to move their operations online – perhaps this crisis will turn into also an opportunity for progress, their business development,” the founder of Omnisend hopes.

In order to facilitate the beginning of online operations, the company is offering businessmen the opportunity to send 15 thousand letters introducing their service or goods to potential clients every month free of charge. For those interested in making use of the automated integrated (multi-channel, including such as email, SMS messages, social networks) marketing tool, they can do so at half price for the first two months.

“We believe and hope that we will be by far not the only online retailing tool or platform that offers aid to ease a difficult beginning – the whole start-up community understands well how difficult it is to endure this crisis for those, who did not operate online before and must now rapidly adapt to completely changed living conditions. At the moment, unity among businesses is an excellent symbol of how far our society has progressed,” R. Laurinavičius says.

Omnisend is one of the few profitable, independently maintained start-ups in Lithuania. More than 60 thousand e-commerce businesses in an entire 130 countries currently use the five-year-old Lithuanian start-up’s services. Around 60% of Omnisend’s clients are in the USA, and another 20% are in the UK.

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