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Published: 10 february 2020 11:15

Olifėja and Olympians will remind lottery participants about their support to sports

Lietuvos tautinis olimpinis komitetas
Vidmanto Balkūno / 15min nuotr. / Olympic rings

The lottery organiser Olifėja has launched a new information campaign intended for the Olympic year and the Lithuanian Olympic team LTeam’s preparation for the 2020 summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The campaign was launched with two video clips broadcast on TV, which feature disc thrower Andrius Gudžius and rower Milda Valčiukaitė.

The goal of the campaign is to remind the country’s citizens that it is namely they, who are the main supporters of Lithuanian Olympians and that by participating in lotteries, they finance the sportspeople’s preparations and participation in the Olympic Games. 8% off of the price of every purchased lottery ticket for a lottery organised by Olifėja goes directly to the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee (LTOK) and is given to Lithuanian Olympians, Paralympians and sports organisations.
The first clips of the campaign can already be found online:

VIDEO: Olifėja išvien su LTeam #1
VIDEO: Olifėja išvien su LTeam #2

“Olympic sports and securing financing for Olympians has always been a part of Olifėja’s activities. Both a legislatively established part of every ticket’s price and a large part of operations dividends are allocated for this, paid to the main shareholder of the company, the LTOK. However, we have observed that we speak too little about it. A large number of older citizens know about their contribution to the financing of Olympians, but among younger individuals, it is less known,” Antanas Muraška, the CEO of Olifėja said.
According to him, lotteries are first of all a form of entertainment, however it is purposeful entertainment. “Not all tickets can win, however 8% of the price of every ticket goes directly to the preparations of Olympians, for LTOK programmes and the activities of LTeam. Even if you do not win the lottery, you win Olympic victories for Lithuania and the participation of all our athletes,” the lottery organisation head said.
Olifėja is running its information campaign together with the Olympic team LTeam. More Lithuanian athletes will make appearances in campaign video clips planned for later and the campaign will extend beyond television broadcasts.
“In the videos, the most important are the sports fans and Olympians. Prior to the Olympic Games, we all become part of a single Olympic team, involve ourselves in the competition schedule, root for our own and feel that our contribution is significant. However, the people’s support is important for our athletes not only during competitions, but all the time. Every time people purchase lottery tickets, they ensure this support. The athletes of the Olympic team know and value this,” Renata Mozuraitė, marketing director at Olifėja explained.
Up to the end of 2018, the organisation of lotteries brought the Lithuanian Olympic campaign 83 million euro. Funds obtained from the lotteries comprise the majority of funding for the country’s Olympians’ preparations for the Olympic Games, participation in them, the payment of stipends for the members of the Olympic squad and the Olympic reserves, as well as support for Olympic education activities.


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