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Published 2020 04 02, 15:30

Part of the ‘Paysera LT’ office building is used for storing quarantine food supplies

Since the quarantine in Lithuania was extended until the 13th of April, more private businesses join forces and try to help not just their employees but also other people, medics, and NGOs in need.
„Paysera“ logotipas
„Paysera“ logotipas / Josvydo Elinsko / 15min nuotr.

Office used for quarantine emergency supplies

Lithuanian citizens who recently came back from abroad but don’t have the right conditions to self-isolate will have to live in accommodation provided by the municipalities. Therefore it was decided that a part of the Paysera office building will be used to store the National Defence Foundation's food and medical supplies for the people in isolation.

Currently, the majority of Paysera employees are working remotely, so Paysera's founder and main shareholder, Kostas Noreika, offered some office space for the needs of the Vilnius municipality.

“Today everyone tries to help the situation any way they can. Our employees were ready to work from home from the very beginning of the quarantine, and they were also given some necessary hygiene products to stay safe. As for our office, we naturally decided to offer it to the municipality after we heard that they are looking for some extra space for storage and other needs,” commented “Paysera LT” CEO Vytenis Morkūnas.

Two of the building's floors will be used as a storeroom, one of which was until now an underground parking lot, another - a recently renovated canteen and sports area for the employees.

All the charities are listed in the mobile app

As a financial institution Paysera, was also glad to be able to include many charities and NGOs into its finance management app.

Paysera app users can donate to the people and causes they care about from right within the app. The list of charities was quickly updated to include also those foundations that fight the consequences of the coronavirus: Laisves TV's fund #LaikykitesMedikai, the Order of Malta Relief Organisation, Sidabrine linija, Food Bank, Save the Children Lithuania, and others. 100 per cent of the donated money goes to the charities, while Paysera covers the transfer costs.

“It’s amazing that today you can enrich a banking app with other features that society cares about - in this case, enable donations to charities via the app. It shows not just to us and our employees but also to our customers, that it is about more than just money - it’s about help, care, and unity for a great cause. And this is especially evident in today’s world. Although for now the donated sums aren’t huge, it slowly becomes a part of our everyday life - which is what we are aiming for,” says Vytenis Morkūnas.

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