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Published 2021 03 31, 07:14

The digital innovation company Columbus will continue to operate independently in the Baltics

Columbus, the leading digital innovation company in the Baltics, will separate from the global Columbus A / S group and will continue to operate under a franchise agreement in order to strengthen its position with a portfolio of products and services suitable for the local market.
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On March 30, 2021, the franchise agreement concluded between the Columbus A / S Group and the Columbus Lithuanian and Columbus Estonia business units will enter into force. Both units will continue to be part of Columbus network and will continue to operate under the Columbus brand. Operating as a stand-alone entity allows for a greater focus on local business development, while maintaining the strengths of the group's operations, such as common methodologies, marketing and a resource center in India.

“Columbus Baltics has always been more independent than the other units of Columbus group. Columbus Global Group wants to focus more on global/international customers, create a more centralized organization, and implement only software created by others. while Baltic unit wants more freedom of action and continuation with a commitment to local customers. In Columbus Lithuania, we see and believe that the development of own software solutions is what we must continue. Own software, our own intellectual property, helps to meet the needs of our customers, ensures stability in the future, and is exciting for our employees in Lithuania. In 2020 we invested 9500 hours (12,5% of our capacity) into R&D activity and currently, we have more than 30 our own created solutions. At a time when the export of IT services is growing, we must set a goal to create digital transformation success stories in Lithuania and the Baltic region. We have grown by 8 % since the beginning of the health crisis and we see an important role in acting independently to contribute more to the growth of the added value of the Lithuanian economy,” says Dovydas Zinkevičius, the head of Columbus Lithuania.

There are no changes regards separation of companies for our customers or employees. Details of the transaction will not be published.

Columbus is the leading digital innovation company in the Baltics, employing a total of 170 people and having a turnover of 10.6 million euros. With a vision to create digital transformation success stories and help Lithuanian companies succeed, Columbus supports its customers with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

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