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Published: 30 november 2020 17:57

Waiting for Christmas: TOP decor elements that will add to the festive mood


Christmas is one of the most awaited holidays of the year and always brings home joy and new colours. ManicoDeco e-shop interior designer Rytė Masiokienė has selected a variety of decor elements to help create a memorable and authentic holiday in your home.

Nostalgic interior

Living through the global pandemic has led us to appreciate simple things, so we take full account of nostalgic trends. What do we have in mind?

"Now that we have been made to stop and face a new reality, it is high time we took a fresh look at our home rituals. Sometimes all that is needed is to soak a bouquet of fresh flowers in a uniquely designed vase or enjoy coffee served in an exquisite cup. Then suddenly a familial and peaceful atmosphere returns. After all, it is precisely now that certainty and harmony is needed.

You have probably felt that true beauty requires imperfection. For example, this handmade jug has subtle inaccuracies, depressions, and yet is stylish and functional:

It is worth noting that handmade ceramics are becoming increasingly popular. Restaurants and cafés ask ceramic masters to create functional ceramics that would give their dishes individuality. In boutiques and trend-setting magazines, ceramics is highlighted as a coveted design feature. More and more people are choosing non-factory-made household items and rediscovering the soul and beauty of handmade products. The revival of this ancient art is a natural response to our one-off, fast-paced culture.

People get tired of buying mass-produced products - items that are not unique, meaningful, or memorable. Unlike those “perfect” (symmetrical, smooth, identical) objects produced by mass industry, the real perfection of a handmade pot is that it is impossible to recreate a similar piece. Each object bears traces of the manufacturing process. You will not want to throw away a handmade item, you will take care of and cherish it instead.

Small, carefully selected details contribute to the holiday feeling. Therefore, our e-store offers only carefully selected exceptional quality home textiles, table, living room decor, lighting and other accessories as well as works of artists", - says Rytė Masiokienė.

Tips that will work for every home

As soon as you enter the house, you are greeted by a home scent. This is quite significant as it determines how we feel and helps us relax. And sometimes even brings back shared experiences and memories. Therefore, scents have become so popular and important today.

A well-chosen home scent is one of the ways to create a cozy atmosphere. This is a very individual choice. When deciding on what home fragrance to fill your home with, remember that the scent should not irritate you. You should honestly ask yourself if you really want a rich aroma or would prefer softer notes.

One of the tips to help you discover the right scent for your home is to choose it according to the interior. For example, if your home has a lot of wooden highlights and surfaces, choose a conifer or amber scent. If your interior is dominated by an eclectic style, it is worth trying fruity or various floral scents. If you like minimalism, opt for citrus notes, verbena and so on.

You can easily choose the scent for your home HERE:

Natural perfumed candles will fill your home with festive mood. And what if you use them to create a stylish bouquet! Feel free to experiment and use different shapes, sizes, even colours. However, you should keep safety in mind - when putting candles together, be sure to place them 10-15 cm apart.

“There are also special candles on which you can even write wishes to your loved ones. In this way, candles will endow your interior not only with warmth and a pleasant smell, but also with feelings. This choice can be both a great addition to your decor and a unique gift.

In addition, it is worth pointing out the antibacterial, disinfectant effects of scents at this time. Thus, refreshing candles of rosemary and eucalyptus can come in handy. It will make breathing easier ", - R. Masiokienė shared original ideas.

You will find more candles HERE:

Exclusive details

While nowadays simplicity and minimalism are preferred, it is worth remembering that each interior simply needs at least one or more distinctive elements that accentuate the style of the space you create.

As the trends this Christmas are about sustainability and environment, festive decor requires a different perspective. The Christmas tree will look especially festive and original if you combine newly purchased toys with existing ones.

You can complement your tree decor with several new handmade toys made in an environmentally friendly way. They will bring you joy for years to come because they are durable and do not break.

These handmade toys are waiting for you HERE:

No matter what is going on outside the window, it is always worth creating a special and cozy atmosphere at home. So, start decorating the table with tablecloths and napkins and bring in the festive vibe.

You can find the most suitable option HERE:

A still-forgotten detail of table decor that helps create the impression of precision and can become a centrepiece on the table are serving stands. You can put them on the table both on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day and, of course, use them during other holidays.

ManicoDeco e-shop customer favourites:

We are certain you are already thinking about dishes to treat your family with at Christmas. To make this process as fun as possible, it is worth purchasing an apron that will withstand the preparation for this and many other holidays. This leather apron has already become a favourite of many housewives:

All the necessary accessories, utensils and other items can be found here: And when you are done setting the table, it is time to take care of the details to make it cosy.

The Danish candle holder Chandelier 56 will certainly do the trick. The advantage of this royal candle holder is that on regular days it can be an aesthetic highlight in almost every area of the house, and during the holidays it can serve as the highlight of the table.

You will find more original candle holders only HERE:

And what about the smell of spruce?! Even if you skip decorating a spruce tree this year, at least immerse its branch in a stylish vase. Be creative - the unique HURICCANE candle holder can serve as a vase too:

It just goes to prove that you should experiment freely and create a festive mood. The holidays will come if you let them!

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