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Published: 5 february 2020 19:49

Why I (don’t) buy online or communications tips for e-retailers

Aurelija Astrauskė
Aurelija Astrauskė

According to data from the statistics website, this year in Lithuania alone, e-retail sales revenue will reach around 679 million euro and by 2024 are expected to grow to 865 million euro. Nevertheless, my personal experience has shown that the country’s e-retailers by no means make use of existing potential. After looking at the communication of e-retailers from a professional prism, I would like to share several insights, which I hope will help sell more this year.

Sell the item, not the price. I believe that when choosing an item, some buyers still prioritise more appealing pricing. Nevertheless, I will never buy a new TV, vacuum cleaner or other item solely because it is 100 euro off “only today”. Such attitudes by consumers will only grow stronger in the future because consumerist culture is no longer in fashion.

Please, sell me the item – its story, its values, a better tomorrow and not the price. I am prepared to pay more, however I want to know namely why I need THAT item. Invest in storytelling.

Be advisors, not salesmen. Can you even imagine how difficult it is for the average consumer to pick “the best” stove, dishwasher or clothes drier? How does, for example, the image quality index differ from screen contrast, why more Hz is better or not and so on? Whoever has tried to personally answer these questions will certainly understand me. It is unfortunate that not all e-retailers understand this and dedicate too little attention to not only training their consultants, but also to systemising information and appealing presentation to customers.

Create your “virtual” experts, who would help customers, primarily at least answer what they need and then offer the goods and services best fitting their needs.

Social networks are also your e-store. However, this does not mean that you can “pollute” them with primitive adverts screaming about price cuts and sales. Sell me aesthetics, beauty, feelings, dreams. I want to see how the item will look in my home, how it can beautify or ease my home.

I am not even talking about the technical capacities of social networks – nowadays, social networks allow to purchase an appealing item within just a few button presses. Make use of all the opportunities they offer!

Interact with your customers. There’s nothing more hopeless than when you want to spend your money, but no one is willing to take it from you. If I came to your e-store and am interested in an item you are offering, please, answer me as soon as possible. I do not want to ask you several times over “when will you answer / call?” because I hope that I mater to you and you earnestly want to help me (and if not, then at least you want to take my money). The way you interact online is no less important than live contact, so interact!

Help me find you. Firstly, make use of advertising in the search system. I have neither the time, nor the desire to, for example, seek the best dishwasher retailer. If you want to be it, please, be on the first page of Google. And don’t forget remarketing. I believe that many are annoyed by omnipresent advertising, but few retailers make full use of it. If I am visiting an e-store, this means that it is for a reason and I would definitely like for the retailer to “return” with a special offer “specifically for me.”


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