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Chief prosecutor says he has no data about information leak from Prosecutor General's Office

Darius Valys
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Lithuanian Prosecutor General Darius Valys
Šaltinis: BNS

Lithuania's Prosecutor General Darius Valys says he has no data about any leak of information on planned nationalization of Snoras bank from the Prosecutor General's Office.

"I do not have any data, nor suspicions," he told journalists on Thursday when asked whether he was certain that the information did not leak from the office.

Valys also rejected the guesswork that it was him who revealed the classified information to the Lietuvos Rytas daily.

"No shadow has been cast upon me. It would be rather strange for me to leak the information to a daily that has been criticizing my work for nearly two years," the prosecutor general added.

In his words, four of his subordinates who have been tested on the polygraph, also known as the lie detector, had positive results. Valys refused to discuss the suspicions against former chiefs of the Financial Crime Investigation Service, Vitalijus Gailius and Vytautas Giržadas, saying this could undermine the pre-trial investigation.

He said the investigation would answer all questions.

Asked to say reasons behind the choice of the State Security Department for investigation of the information leak, Valys explained that "the institution is in charge of protecting state secrets and, as an intelligence institution, it is capable of the most efficient investigation."

Shortly before Snoras' nationalization last November, the Lietuvos Rytas daily cited anonymous sources and reported that “the Prosecutor General's Office has already issued sanctions for searching one of the banks and homes of its owners.“ The daily did not specify a bank then, only saying it was a "Lithuanian bank." Snoras owned more than third of the Lietuvos Rytas' shares.

Last week, Gailius and Giržadas were dismissed from their posts a day after having their access to classified information revoked. The interior minister said the steps were taken in response to proposals from the State Security Department. Both Gailius and Giržadas took the dismissal to court.

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