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Conservative Prime Minister believes his party can still lead Government after run-offs

Andrius Kubilius
Andriaus Ufarto/BFL nuotr. / Andrius Kubilius
Šaltinis: BNS

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius believes that his conservative party, the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats, may still emerge victorious from the general elections after the run-offs and get to form a new government as well to pass next year’s budget.

“The budget will be discussed by the sixteenth government and who will form that government, will be shown by the second round of elections, which the Homeland Union has many chances to score first in,” Kubilius the reporters after the government’s meeting on Tuesday.

Everything would depend on the parties’ success in forming the ruling coalition, he said.

“It will depend on success in forming the coalitions. That process does not usually take long in Lithuania but there are cases in Europe when it takes several weeks or months... In any case, it will be the new Seimas (parliament) to decide on the 2013 budget. Either after or during the formation of the government,” Kubilius said.

Kubilius-led Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (conservatives) ranked third in multi-mandate ballot with 15.05 percent of the vote, which gives the party 13 seats. Some 35 Conservative candidates would vie for a mandate in single-mandate districts in the run-offs.

The Labour Party continues leading in the parliamentary elections with 19.84 percent of the vote and 17 mandates in multi-mandate voting. Some 36 Labour party members will compete in the second round. Virginija Baltraitienė, a party member, won a mandate in the single-mandate district of Kėdainiai.

The Social Democratic Party ranks second with 18.38 percent of votes and 15 seats after the first round of elections. The party leader, Algirdas Butkevičius, won a mandate in a single-mandate district of Vilkaviškis. Some 28 candidates representing this party will continue to vie for seats in the run-off ballot.

The Liberal Movement, which collected 8.56 percent in the first round, and the Path of Courage party with 7.97 percent, won seven mandates each. Six candidates of the Liberal Movement will run for seats in the run-offs, as well as nine candidates of the Path of Courage.

The Order and Justice party won six mandate after securing 7.31 percent of the vote and the Electoral Action of Poles, 5.84 percent of the vote translating into five seats. These parties will be represented by eight and six candidates, respectively, in the run-offs.

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