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Election round-up: 17 parties, 1 coalition, 2 thousand candidates running for Lithuania's parliament

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Andriaus Ufarto/BFL nuotr. / Members of Central Electoral Commission
Šaltinis: BNS

17 political parties, one four-party coalition will run for the Lithuanian Seimas in the upcoming election in October, Zenonas Vaigauskas, chairman of the country's Central Electoral Commission, announced on Tuesday.

Eight parties, including the Labor Party, the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania, the Liberal Movement, the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union, the Union YES, the Order and Justice Party as well as the Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats, are putting up the maximum number of candidates, 141.

Almost 30 candidates have previous convictions. The Commission is reviewing biographies of all candidates and there might be candidates who had not disclosed their previous convictions. In that case they will be disqualified.

According to Vaigauskas, almost 1,800 candidates will run for parliament in multi-candidate constituencies. After adding around 200 candidates in single-candidate constituencies, the total number of candidates is around 2,000.

"There are 400 candidates more than four years ago," the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission said.

The Seimas election is scheduled for 14 October.

Parties will be listed in the following order in the multi-member constituency ballot:

1. Liberal Movement of the Republic of Lithuania

2. Republican Party

3. Labour Party

4. Democratic Labour and Unity Party

5. Homeland Union - Lithuanian Christian Democrats

6. "Path of Courage" ("Drąsos kelias")

7. Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania

8. Lithuanian Social Democratic Party

9. "Order and Justice"

10. Coalition "National Alliance"

11. Christian Party

12. Lithuanian People's Party

13. Socialist Popular Front

14. Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union

15. "Young Lithuania"

16. Liberal and Centre Union

17. Emigrant Party

18. "Yes Union"

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