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Published: 27 april 2021 14:26

Kubilius proposes the European Council president could take leadership in resolving the Belarus crisis

„ES Rytų kaimynystės forumas“ Briuselyje
Europos liaudies frakcijos Europos Parlamente nuotr. / „ES Rytų kaimynystės forumas“ Briuselyje
Member of the European Parliament Andrius Kubilius, the head of the European Parliament’s delegation to the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, addressed European Council President Charles Michel in a letter, thanking him for his exceptional leadership in resolving the political crisis in Georgia and expressing hope that he will also take leadership in seeking a solution to the “Belarus crisis.”

“The European Union needs precisely the sort of leadership you demonstrated in various areas of the Eastern Partnership policy. I hope that inspired by your success in Georgia, you will take on an equivalent leading role with the European Union seeking ways to resolve the ‘Belarusian crisis’,” A. Kubilius emphasises.

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The MEP writes that while it is well known that A. Lukashenko continues to employ brute force to suppress democratic Belarus, it is unfortunately still not entirely clear what the European Union is doing to support the latter.

“When A. Lukashenko decides to enact a “rule of law Chernobyl,” as one of the Belarusian representatives said at a Euronest PA Belarusian workgroup meeting, the European Union can no longer continue to maintain the position of a “concerned, but inactive” observer” in regard to such cruel behaviour,” A. Kubilius notes.

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