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Published: 11 february 2021 16:05

A. Kubilius’ speech to the European Parliament regarding Ostrovets NP in Belarus

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„Reuters“/„Scanpix“ nuotr. / Ostrovets nuclear power

Dear colleagues, I thank all of you for this discussion, which is so important for Lithuania. This a real sign of our solidarity.

You know that Ostrovets nuclear power plant is built by Lukashenko regime and Rosatom company just 40 kilometres from the centre of Vilnius.

That is why Ostrovets nuclear power plant is a clear and present threat to our national security. We are not a big country - in the case of accident we shall not have where to run and hide.

I am not against nuclear power in general. But since the last year all of us we know very well who is mister Lukashenko. And it’s easy to understand that transparency, international standards, independence of regulator is not for this regime, as last elections very clearly have shown.

Somebody can say that even next to Brussels or Antwerpen here is a nuclear power plant. But I would like to ask you - would you like to have Lukashenko to build Rosatom power plant 30 kilometres from your house, or from this European Parliament building.

You should know, that ESPOO Convention Committee recognized that the site for Ostrovets power plant was selected in violation of ESPOO Convention.

You should know also that during construction here were numerous big accidents.

And you should know, that European stress tests have shown that there are clear shortcomings in the safety of technology and those recommendations are still not implemented.

You should know also, that this is a geopolitical Kremlin project, where Kremlin made a loan of 10 billion USD, in order to keep us in dependency of electricity supplies and in old Soviet grid system.

That is why we are fighting against this project, that is why democratic Belarus led by Sviatlana Tsychanovskaja is against this project, and that is why we decided to prohibit the import of electricity from this plant, which will make the whole project economically not viable.

And that is why we simply are asking for your solidarity - let’s get rid of this monster.

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