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Lithuania's Polish party joins ruling coalition

Valdemaras Tomaševskis
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Valdemar Tomaševski
Šaltinis: BNS

The Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania is joining a ruling center-left coalition that is to take over the ruling of the country.

The party leader Valdemar Tomaševski signed an annex to the coalition agreement already signed by the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, the Labour Party, and the Order and Justice Party last week.

"We hope we won't disappoint our electorate and work for Lithuania," the Social Democratic Party's leader Algirdas Butkevičius said after the signing of the annex.

A report was made after the signing that the Electoral Action of Poles would appoint one minister and three vice-ministers. "We will head one ministry, which is now in the Labour Party's hands, and we agreed that we should have three vice-chairmen in other ministries," MEP Valdemar Tomaševski said.

Asked to specify the ministry the Electoral Action of Poles would head, Tomaševski refused to answer the question, although unofficial reports referred to the Energy Ministry. Tomaševski has also confirmed he is considering Jaroslav Neverovič, board chairman of LitPol Link company building a power grid between Lithuania and Poland, for the minister's post.

Based on an earlier agreement, the Social Democrats will nominate a prime minister and head seven ministries, namely: Finance, Transport and Communications, Economy, National Defense, Health, Foreign Affairs, and Justice.

The Labour Party will control five ministries: Agriculture, Energy, Education and Science, Social Security and Labor, and Culture. Based on a new agreement, the Labour Party will likely give up the Ministry of Energy.

The Order and Justice Party will take over the Ministries of Environment and the Interior.

The four-party coalition will have 85-86 seats in the new Seimas.

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