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Published: 14 november 2012 13:40

Lithuanian Parliament implements Constitutional Court's ruling on election results upon second vote

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BFL/Tomo Lukšio nuotr. / Seimas

Lithuania's parliament finally approved a draft resolution, endorsing the list of elected members of the Labour Party without three candidates suspected of vote buying. Their mandates will be handed to other party members in the list.

The resolution was voted 77 against 11, with 10 abstentions. The resolution on execution of the Constitutional Court's ruling was approved in a second ballot only – a similar draft resolution was rejected on Tuesday.

According to Wednesday's resolution, the Labour Party's candidates Živilė Pinskuvienė, Jolanta Gaudutienė, and Jonas Pinskus will not be given parliamentary seats, which will go to Vilija Filipovičienė, Gediminas Jakavonis, and Larisa Dmitrijeva.

The new draft was registered by the Social Democrats who either voted against Tuesday's draft resolution or abstained. Later on Tuesday, the Social Democrats revised their stance, saying it was a mistake. The party's leader Algirdas Butkevičius said on Monday that rejecting the Constitutional Court's ruling would be a crime.

"There can be no other decision. We're politicians, we're responsible and we are building a legal democratic state, therefore, disregarding court rulings is nearly the same as – I will use a stronger word – a crime," Butkevičius told Lietuvos Ryto Television following the Constitutional Court's ruling.

Later on Tuesday, Butkevičius said a mistake had been made prior to the Tuesday's parliamentary vote on the Constitutional Court's ruling, adding that efforts would be made to correct it.

"We respect the Constitutional Court's ruling, and we admitted today that a mistake had been made, a separate legal act will be registered tomorrow to mend the mistake," he told journalists on Tuesday evening.

"What prime minister will we have if Butkevičius is appointed – we will see a prime minister who will say in the morning that a nuclear power plant is a good thing and later that evening argue that it's good for nothing. It will be a prime minister who will say in the eve that he respects the Constitution and the next day block the respect of the Constitution with others, just before going to TV stations and talking about having made a mistake and been misled by some anonymous lawyers," conservative MP Kęstutis Masiulis said in comment of the changed stance of the Social Democrats.

"It means we will have a prime minister without an opinion of his own, who will change his opinions by some note received from some anonymous lawyer," Masiulis added.

Meanwhile, the Social Democrats' leader accused the conservatives of pushing the adoption of the draft too hard. "There were many reasons for this yesterday – you rushed us without a proper explanation," Butkevičius said in his defense.

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