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Published: 2 july 2013 17:58

Lithuanian parliament rehabilitates 4 Labor Party candidates removed from election list due to vote rigging suspicions

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Juliaus Kalinsko / 15min nuotr. / Seimo posėdis

At the end of the spring session, Lithuania's parliament rehabilitated the ruling Labor Party's candidates Živilė Pinskuvienė, Jolanta Gaudutienė, Jonas Pinskus and Vytautas Gricius who had been removed from the electoral list.

The parliamentary resolution put them back on the party's electoral list. They would acquire mandates, if some of the current MPs elected through the Labor Party's list lost their mandates.

Pinskuvienė was 23rd on the Labor Party's list, Gaudutienė was 24th, Pinskus 25th and Gricius 35th. The resolution also cleared the politicians of the accusations of violating the law on parliamentary elections.

The parliament's Legal Department had dismissed the draft resolution as running counter to the Constitution. However, the parliamentary Committee on Law rejected the conclusion.

The four candidates were crossed out from the party's candidate list following a finding by the Constitutional Court of major violations of election procedures. According to evidence collected by prosecutors, someone attempted to buy 3,000 votes of prisoners for 30,000 litas (EUR 8,700) in support of five candidates, namely, Pinskus, Pinskuvienė, Gaudutienė, Gricius and Zdanovič.

The investigation has already been closed, and Pinskus, Pinskuvienė, Gaudutienė and Gricius are witnesses in the probe. As no charges have been brought against them, parliament again listed them as candidates.

The last general elections in Lithuania took place last October.

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