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Ungentlemanly colleagues make Parliament Speaker disillusioned with politics

Irena Degutienė
Šarūno Mažeikos/BFL nuotr. / Irena Degutienė
Šaltinis: BNS

Lithuania's Parliamentary Speaker Irena Degutienė has expreessed disappointment in politics, saying she was not entirely sure if she would continue a career in politics.

"I am completely disappointed in politics, never in my life have I suffered such attacks I had to endure over the past months," she said in an interview to Žinių Radijas news radio on Wednesday morning.

"I am considering everything and I will decide in the light of what happens next," Degutienė, one of the leaders of the ruling Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (conservatives), said when asked about her plans to continue in the political arena.

She spoke in comment of the statement made by deputy leader of Liberal and Center Union Arūnas Valinskas who said at a meeting of the party's council on Saturday that the conservatives had first spoken against an ad hoc commission for investigation of Snoras' bankruptcy but later changed their minds and expressed support to the bid to set up the panel. Valinskas said the change could have been due to personal interests.

"Two days before the final bankruptcy of Snoras, some institutions, nevertheless, managed to withdraw their deposits, the Santariškės system withdrew millions, and the Red Cross Hospital headed by Degutienė's husband is part of the system, it is part of the Santariškės complex. Who could deny that other members of the family could have and use the information," Valinskas said.

Degutienė noted she had lately heard a substantial amount of slander from her colleagues.

"The lies and slander said about me, my family and my loved ones – I have not heard this much in my lifetime," she said.

"Men have overindulged in their games and it's no longer gentlemens' business. I see once again that our politicians are going low, hitting below the belt (…). The key factor here is probably the fact that I'm a woman and they think I will break down," the Parliament Speaker said.

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